max/msp/jitter is fun.

  • i am so glad i have become addicted to max/msp/jitter. it is seriously fun. try it if you are on the fence. there is a learning curve but it is nothing to fuss over. audiovisualcontrol fun time....... try it. patience is a virtue.

  • care to explain gen~ in understandable language? that is probably asking for too much, hmm.. rather, what is its "core functionality" within the max/msp/jitter realms? i cannot wrap my head around it. i have a lot more to learn in terms of the basics and am still trying to figure out if gen~ is for right me, yet. the fact that i am questioning if it's right for me tells me it's not, which is fine, but i'd like to know what the future holds ;]

    also, what is compiling? i see the term (often used around gen~) but do not quite understand it. i may be looking at two separate areas here but i have seen the two terms together. maybe i am seeing things though.
    moog vcf code, pwn!!!!!! i will be playing with this, thank you!

  • One of the reason i finally didn,t find max /msp so fun, it,s the lack of documentation in spanish and my inability to learn it...there are one book that i have by Francisco Colasanto and always i have google translator but i would like more support to the spanish community...
    For me,jitter is the fun part...
    Maybe this year some of the goals is to learn something about max / msp...or proper english ( currently learning with south Park)

  • still endless hours of fun!