40h t-shirt

  • I was going to make a t-shirt with the 40h startup pattern for myself. A simple stencil sponge print, as my silk screens are occupied by other prints I still use. Well due to popular demand :) I thought I could make a few more at request while I'm at it.

    I figure I could make them for something like €10-15 depending on t-shirt quality + postage, if Brian and Kelli are alright with me capitalizing on the unofficial 40h logo?

    I have white printing color, and I might have red and black if it's not too old. And shirt color/model depends on what's available in the store I guess. I'll check that out later.

    Well, I'll start by making one for myself and post some pictures of it, then you'll let me know if you want one as well, right? ;)

    631 x 589 - 7K
  • I like the simplicity and minimalism of startup pattern as a logo. All binary numbers combined will add up to 36.. I guess this is just coincidential, or is there some hidden meaning (something like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hzenilc/2134751132/)

  • That's only a 4x4 magic square, the 8x8 is more powerful magic, the magic of creativity ;)

    And I like the pattern rotated so it can be seen as a four legged animal, gives it even deeper symbolic meaning, hehe

  • isn't the pattern upside down?
    i don't think it should be flipped...
    although this is a baaaad assssss idea!

  • I believe the pattern is turned 90 degrees counter clockwise.

    But I usually have my cord orientation up, so this is the way the audience will see it ;)

    ...anyways, I could certainly print a different orientation by request, no probs.

  • oh!
    point taken!
    im down for this but i live in california....

  • I was just going to get on this the other day..cause I know the community will be down for representing...I'd definitely be interested in one of those and I'll try and get my design up to test the waters.

  • +1 in washington state

  • i would definitely get one. i always kind of wondered why the monome team never made some monome/minimalist shirts or something, because we've seen their screen printing abilities.

  • i'd like one (in the uk), especially if you have red ink, because i've put red LEDs in my kit. i like the orientation in the.gif you attached.

  • I'd be up for one too

  • hey also, does anyone have a photo they'd like to post of their shipping box? I bought my 40h second hand, and didn't get the lovely silkscreened design. or is the original design on the forum here someplace?

  • 40h's never came with a silkscreen as far as I know. Email Tehn he may have a copy of the print in a digital format.
    Also I think they didn't make T-shirts because they were so busy making boxes.

  • Another UK +1

  • I just realised the pattern reminds me of this.

    600 x 450 - 34K
  • And next were gonna have a Monome/Moog/Defender T shirt for the geeks ?
    (i own one of each)

  • haha good point, c1t1zen.

    though they did screen print an awful amount of boxes for the new series.

  • I'll take one, in New Jersey, USA.

  • i also want one, upstate NY

  • and me, western NC!!

  • I would certainly take one. That's exactly the design I always envisioned, rotated 90 degrees.

    But I'm all the way in California, too. Maybe if there's enough interest, you could do a CafePress type of deal. Just a thought.

  • +1 for cali. That design is top notch. Any word on color and type of t-shirt? Green buttons on grey would be sweet.

  • Yeah, I like the idea, I'll take one, in France, Paris.

  • I think postage would be something like €5 within Europe and €6 outside.

    I must have thrown out the old printing colors, so I only have white. :( But I was also thinking about the green on grey, so I might buy a couple more. Any more special requests besides red and green?

    CafePress would be easier, but feels a lot like cheating. How is the quality of those shirts and prints?

    Anyways, I'll get cracking my shirt next week and we'll see how the hand made print turns out.

  • I haven't bought anything from Cafe Press, but i'd avoid Spreadshirt, I got a shirt from there for a friend, the material was thin and the print not very wash proof!

  • if you only have white ink, what would you print on? black shirts? that'd be cool too. so would navy.

  • I'd definitely get one in Paris, France

  • i'd take one in brooklyn

  • Cafepress stuff has always felt cheap to me.
    If you're down with printing them yourself, you could always do something along the lines of http://www.instructables.com/id/Controlled-Bleaching-with-Discharge-Paste/ .

  • Better late than never. I finished my stencil print 40h t-shirt!

    630 x 364 - 49K
    379 x 481 - 45K
  • !!! now with glow-in-the-dark print !!!

    630 x 401 - 38K
    630 x 332 - 34K
  • whoa. nice

  • awesone
    +1 in japan.

  • +1, have you figured out pricing?

  • wicked!
    +2 in Switzerland

  • nice one bruva! I might just make one myself and go the stencil route.

    great work guys, they look sick.

  • @dby I would pay for one of those glow in the dark shirts. Good job! I was going to get that tattooed on me but the shirt looks less painful.

  • i want some monome glow in the dark shirts!!!!

  • the glow in the dark shit looks just like mygreen LEDs........
    freaking classic

  • @dby looks great, are you making any more of those.

    Anybody know where you can get glow in the dark orange paint ?

  • Sure I can make some more for those who like.

    €11 for a plain white print.

    €15 for a glow-in-the-dark print (the paint is expensive and it's twice the work, two coats of glow-in-the-dark on top of white, allowing each layer to dry in between).

    + postage €5 within europe and €6 outside.

    Almost any t-shirt color is available. I've scoped out three models for the prices above. I can get more expensive shirts/models at request, or you could send me a shirt to print on if you like.

    The three t-shirts models I found so far are:

    Quite long sleeves, a bit tight around the neck.

    Shorter sleeves, designed to look good while keeping arms down.

    I don't have a picture of the third one, but it seems to be something inbetween the other two.

    Sizes should be approximately something like:
    Small: chest 86-93cm, waist 74-81cm
    Medium: chest 94-101cm, waist 82-89cm
    Large: chest 102-109cm, waist 90-97cm
    XL: chest 110-117cm, waist 98-105cm
    XXL: chest 118-125cm, waist 106-113cm

    Besides white and glow-in-the-dark I can print other colors on request for €3 extra (I will have to go buy a bottle of that color).

    Send me an email and we'll work out the details: robert_porschke (at) yahoo (dot) se