changing prefix in mlr_Aes mdb0.4

  • hey, I've been lurking around here for a while and waiting for the 128
    meanwhile I've been trying out mlr software with my lemur

    I got the mlr2.21 ( working on the lemur and now I want to try this mlr_Aes mdb version. the problem is aes version has different prefix from 2.21. what do I need to do to change the prefix in aes version to work like in 2.21?

    I am on my second max demo(my girlfriends computer heh) so I'm fairly new to it, but I'm doing my best ;)
    any help is highly welcome thanks,

  • I think I got it working :D


  • Did you port MLR to the Lemur!?! can you take a picture of that, I'm really curious to see how you managed to set that up.

  • no I didn't, yuo can download monome emulator from jazzmutants user area


  • cool, any pics or vid of this emulator in action?

  • nope, sorry