Walnut 2011 series no longer has rubber bottom?

  • Just got a 2011 one and I'm stoked!

    One thing that seems weird is that there is no longer that rubber 'foot' thing around the bottom, or the engraving. I guess that's from the changeover to one solid piece of walnut.

    I take it piece use some anti-slip rubber cozy stuff for the 'feet' ?

  • I've been considering spraying plasti-cote (a spray on rubber available in many colours, including clear) on the base of my arc. No going back if I do though!

  • I'll probably just buy some rubber slip mat stuff, but I'm thinking about using magnets inside along the bottom to mount it firmly to a metal stand for use when not on a perfectly flat table.

  • ooh magnets....good idea.

  • That's what I'm thinking. Since I plan on using it a lot with drums, sitting on my bass drum, unless I make a stand that clamps it from the top, or attaches to the side, it would bounce around.

    I'm also thinking magnets to keep the Arc smack next to it. Just wonder how strong the magnets will be through that much walnut (particularly from monome/arc). though that bond wouldn't need to be super strong, just enough to keep them tight and aligned.

  • http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=7083

  • That would require routing I think as the 'one piece of walnut' ones are completely flush on the bottom.

  • Weird webpage that McMaster one. You can't browse/search unless you log in. No thanks!

  • @Rodrigo


    I was able to search, does this link work for you?

  • I found it by searching for the part number via google. When I tried popping the part number into the search on the mcmaster it wouldn't let me.

    That link does work though, thanks.