%'s solstice gift - "terrible octagon"

  • here's a slice of my musical past, reheated in a microwave and shared with you as my solstice gift to this wonderful community.

    you see, back before i was '%' i went by 'owner/operator' — in this phase i was entranced by dance tunes and booty bass; i had some pretty raucous shows, most every song featured the word 'motherfucker' in some form. soon after i realized my strengths were more suited towards instrumental tunes and i shapeshifted into %, leaving my lyrical past behind.

    please enjoy this piece of my history. happy winter solstice to you all!

    + + + + + +

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1180952/owneroperator-terrible_octagon.zip (~23mb)

    600 x 419 - 64K
    600 x 450 - 53K
  • OWNERed... I am supposed to play a house party in BK friday night... I will be dropping one of these oldies in your honor...



    Is a remix is in order? Hmmmmm.....

  • Whose its face...
    Is such a fantastic combination of...trip-hop rage blips?
    I'm loving it, especially love comparing it to something of yours like oncebeautifuloop.
    Thanks for sharing!

    "whos that girl...whats my name whats my name whats my name"

  • awesome.

    i'm with talks - chicken pot pie muthafucker!

  • hilarious photos, cannot wait to hear this!

    happy solstice moonbeam magic journeys

  • this makes me so happy you have no idea. i'm shooting arrows of joy in your direction. michael felix. you are amazing.

  • This shit is so ridiculous I love it.

    Gonna construct a playlist so this plays in the middle of love making.

  • im ever so glad y'all are enjoying this trip down memory lane. please enjoy this video of my 2007 performance at 'cooterfest' in auburn, alabama, where i perform 'chicken pot pie' and a cover of beck's 'where its at':


    ahh, those heady pre-monome days...

  • disappointing and misleading.

    I was expecting it to be terrible!

  • I know what I'm doing tonight.....driving in my astro van....tonight!

  • dropped a meddley of 5 tracks including chicken pot pie twice tonight