looking for nord modular.

  • Anyone have the G1 or G2 they're looking to sell?

  • no love anyone :(?

  • love, yes. gear, no.

    best of luck!

  • I have a G1 "rack" that doesn't get a lot of use.. email is in my profile

  • ahh mr duda! ill be in touch.

  • Managed to get hold of a keyboard version today! Super happy :)

  • Got my NM g1 today!

    words cannot describe the sheer creative power!

  • isn't it amazing?!
    i love my little red beast.

  • definetly, ive only listened to the patches from the previous owner (who did alot of work to help new order perform blue monday live so they're still there!) and some of them are just blastin out crazy energy, cant wait to transfer some of my own patches!! what setup are you using? ive only got one midi cable available at the moment and the editor wont pick up the PC IN which i assume i only need that to transfer patches? or do i need both in there? Can you test this if possible?

    Im on win 7 64bit - midisport 2x2 anniv. edition.

  • You'll need 2 midi cables for the as it's two-way communication (PC in and PC out).

  • yeah, as joechip says. it won't communicate one way.

  • i thought so v_v.

    My new cables should get here today (Hopefully).