which app ??? SOLVED: MonoMahna

  • Hello my favorite community on the web,

    I hope the wisdom of crowds can work to my advantage as I am searching for 2 days (this board, vimeo, youtube, google,...) now and haven´t found what I once saw:

    I saw a tutorial video of a mlr-style-monome app with four tracks /sample-files. Each track could have a slowing-down/grain-effect on it.

    Also there were different modes to match the tracks so if they are running on different speeds/starting points, it kind of automaticly jumps back to the "1" if the first track starts playing again.

    It´s not: mlr, mlrv, mash.

    The guy in the video used 2 8x8 grids.

    Any ideas?

  • could it be molar?

  • No. It isn´t molar.
    And I had no luck consulting the "documentation"/wiki.

    I remember that the rows were used like that:

    Row1: MLR-style, Sample1
    Row2: Timing/Speed/Grain/something like that.
    Row3 & 4: (???)

    Row5-8: the same, but for sample2.

  • sounds like something stretta would create...

  • Cypher?

  • Man, thanks!

    It´s not Stretta but Raja! Definitely his KungFu-Style.
    But actually it´s not Cypher, but it´s predecessor MonoMahna i was looking for.

    Thanks everyone.

  • when using a patch created by raja, you have to read the manual. ;)
    Lots of combos!

  • @poorpot

    I just came back to report that.

    Raja, you must be a memory artist. That or a wicked alien with extra-terrestrical brain functions.

    I played with the beast for 2 hours and a single sample in one buffer now and had to restart the app several times 'caus: I had no idea how to reset what I have done or any idea of what´s going on.

    I came to page 11 in the button-pdf-manual but my head is exploding: so many combos.

    But such a fun app. you can really totally destry the sample and create .... patterns of noise and stuff ... you know, the reason why we r using apps like these.
    And I haven´t even tested what I was looking for:
    The ability to record stuff (Guitars!) into monomahna and tweak it.

    By the way:
    What would be the easiest way to rewire Monomahna with Live?
    I used mash and Live with a VST called wormhole to send audio from one application to the other. Have to try it with Monomahna tonight.

    But does rewire work with monome apps and Live?
    Or how do you guys rout your audio from Live to Monome-Apps and back?