about the new year

  • i write this having had a bizarre year. 2011 has brought joy and sadness for me that has far surpassed any of the previous years. this has mainly (for me) been a year of balance... taking the sweet with the sour.

    as many of you know, i got off to a rocky start. my house got broken into and every single bit of equipment and even clothes got stolen. this was definitely a sour note. the sweet came right after this happened. i saw a group of people stand behind me that has, not only inspired me to keep going, but encouraged me to reach further out, making me think that there are no limits when you have an amazing group of people in your corner.

    this year past has brought me new friends, new music and a new view on life, and for this i want to thank you. thank you for being not only a community where one can find solutions to all things monome, but instead being one where one can find kindred spirits with whom to share a journey.

    i know this year i haven't been quite as active here as i would have like to be, but i've thrown myself (or better yet, been pulled into) at work in order to raise the money to get my gear back.

    i'm sure 2012 will bring forth the beginning of something great for everyone (unless you're mayan). it's roughly 13 hours 'till the new year as i type this, and i hold nothing but hope for this new lap around our sun.

    be well, brothers. it's a huge world and music is infinite.

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  • Go Genko!

    PS: The Mayan 2012 theory actually pertains to the "figurative" end of this world and a beginning to the next. The world has ended many times ;-)

  • Mucho Amor

  • It sounds way too Oprah-esque to say it out loud, but your attitude and perseverance are inspirational. As the song says, "Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again." Not easy to do, but you seem to be doing it with purpose and gusto.

    All the best in the new year and may 2012 bring new gear, new tunes and new opportunities.

  • mucho amor, hermanos.

    may this new year bring forth new opportunities for all of us.