Flipmu :: NI Reaktor Ensembles for (64) monome, arduinome, chronome

  • Flipmu :: NI Reaktor Ensembles for (64) monome, arduinome, chronome

    looking for monome Reaktor software, I found the Flipmu blog, which has Reaktor ensembles for
    both serialOSC and monomeserial connections available for download.

    http://flipmu.noisepages.com/work/software/ for downloads.

    “A basic OSC to MIDI convertor for the Monome/Arduinome/Chronome devices, and made in Reaktor. The app lets you choose a midi channel for your device, and also set CC Toggle (with radio groups), CC trigger, and MIDI Note for each button on your Monome/Arduinome/Chronome. “

    I used the serialOSC version.
    I made a pages-0.2.2a28 external application page using the OSC prefix /box

    I copied the OSC in port number which serialOSC gave to pages for this page into the Reaktor OSC setup output section. I used 8000 as the Reaktor OSC setup input port.

    The Flipmu ensemble has several different pages showing alternative configurations and it should be a good starting point for further development.

    Flipmu folks put up a video of their LA monomeet performance at http://vimeo.com/33770139

  • Wow!


    deleted some stuff I wrote before...

    Just tested with pages external page and it works. I was able to play notes of a Reaktor intrument...nice!

    Looks promising and hopefully we´ll see someone make something with it.
    Unfortunately not me.
    I am always ready for further testing if monome Reaktor software is up though. :)

    Thanks for posting this!!

    edit: I´ll check it some more now...

  • Looking forward to seeing what people build with the app. A friend of ours is working on a Reaktor based port of MLR :) Hopefully he'll post it up when he finishes.

  • Awesome glad to see other Reaktor support here. A long time ago someone (Unsped? I can't remember off the top of my head since it was wayyy back) sent me a bunch of interesting utility Reaktor macros for doing some nifty stuff with nomes-- when I get back to the US next week I'll try to dig them up on my old machine and figure out who sent them to me and perhaps we can update and get them up online (we can do it on FlipMu if the orig author doesn't have hosting...).

    Lets see!

  • Hey Guys,
    I'm just curious...

    First I tried the nomeState reaktor patch without "pages" because the guys from FlipMu statet that it will work with serialOSC. But nothing worked although I made the right OSC-Settings in Reaktor. There I wondered why the prefix I had to use was /box where the new serialOSC specifaiction says /grid.

    I'm also new to the whole pages-thing and wanted to ask why I need to use pages to get the nomeState ensemble working?
    Could anyone explain how the pages-application is communicating between serialOSC and reaktor?

    Maybe the questoins seem a bit silly but I'm really new to the whole stuff so I would appreciate if anybody could give me some answers about that.