Analog Industries taking submissions for compilation.

  • On the fyi tip, Chris Randall is taking submissions for a compilation he wants to put out:

    Not sure if it's that I'm a habitual eos user, or that I have some Sister Machinegun releases in a box somewhere around the house, but I'm inspired to get off my ass and submit something. Hope some other monome heads do too....

  • he wants you to pay for his album?

  • no talk of how he intends to promote it, the use of the phrase 'Circle of Trust'? A bit of an odd tone. But then again, i get no name recognition from the fellow, so perhaps he's more on the ball than this sounds? ;]

  • The arrangement as proposed is admittedly odd, and he probably should have put more thought into logistics (specifically about funding) before posting. I personally don't believe he'd jeopardize his reputation as a developer to fuck over a few artists. But.....

  • I feel fairly inept at promoting myself outside my own circle of friends, i'll freely admit. A&d im quite sure a vinyl release is a greater headache than i could dream of. And community is always good :]

  • @raja - thanks for adding your comments here - it's good to hear the opinion of someone who's been there promoting a collaborative album.

    I'm not really sceptical about this, I'm confident that Chris will deliver what he's stated he will, but I am very hessitant: Essentially the only reason I'd want to release my music on vinyl is because, well... I LIKE VINYL. Purely and selfishly.

    Most of the people that listen to my music want to download mp3s, but what the hell! I like vinyl, and want my music on vinyl. At which point I might as well cut myself a dubplate for my own ego, which will cost me half of what this project could potentially cost me, and continue promoting my music through bandcamp. But that's not a reflection of what Chris Randall is trying to do - What he's trying to do is great. But I just wonder if it's something that most people would be interested in.

    Chris' project also got me thinking about this possibility for anyone wanting to get their their own music out on vinyl; it's basically a co-op. Here in the UK you can get 500 12" from around 700 quid. It wouldn't be hard for 4 or 5 like-minded individuals to create a similar compilation 12" with two tracks on each, but then actually split the quantities - the thing that's always put me off vinyl releases has been the quantities. I could probably shift 50 or 100 units, but I certainly don't want to order 500 records just to have 400 sat in my garage. Everyone puts in 150 quid, and walks away with 100 records and their music being promoted by 4 other bands!

    ...I doubt I'd ever get around to this though, but still a cool idea nonetheless.

  • :0!!!!
    I've been selected!

    thanks so much dolza for the advice.

  • congratz dood!

  • You must be stoked man! I hope it works out well for that whole project.

  • thats wonderful news pauk, it doesn't surprise me at all! Best...

  • what @lokey said

  • gotta say, the pauk track on this is seriously good!

  • Yea, fair play Pauk, one of the standout tracks for sure.

  • great song indeed!

  • this track is sweet!