MLRV2 "classic pattern recorder" mod

  • The idea is to have the pattern recorders in mlrv2 to behave more like previous versions of mlr, by removing the pattern pause/resume function and only require a tap to clear patterns. overdubbing would still work(hopefully).

    I've been trying to make this mod on my own for some time, but its proving to be beyond my abilities. i figure its probably a quick and simple edit for some max users here.

    alphanerd recently released an updated serialosc version of mlrv2 which can be found here

    i'd really appreciate the help!

  • i will look into editing the patch tonight.

  • began looking at the patch last night and was not able to make the changes, confusing stuff!!!! i will persist.

  • here's a screenshot of the pttrn.maxpat. can anyone can give some advice?

  • i think i figured it out and got this mod finished. just needs more testing.

  • you can probably just replace pttrn.maxpat with the same file from mlrV 1...

  • @maersk
    i wish it were that easy.... mlrv1 doesn't have a pttrn.maxpat. besides mlrv2's pattern recorders have much more going on under the hood(mapping, midi and osc in & out, ect.)

  • if anyone cares to use this mod just throw this pttrn.maxpat in your mlrv2.2 folder

    note: only tested with this version mlrv2

  • Oh this is great! Good work! So far it's working well with no hiccups. Will report back. Thanks

  • i just noticed i'm not getting any led feedback from patterns on group stops anymore. so something i did broke it. i could still really use some advice or help.

    edit- nevermind, it was that way before my mod

  • oh yeah i forgot about the mapping stuff!

  • good job elquinto! going to check out // test your solution later.

  • @elquinto: ahh i forgot about this. i need to check out the mod still. have there been any bugs?

  • none so far, but if there were i'd honestly have no clue how to fix them. my max knowledge is very little. a serious developer would do this mod completely differently i'm sure.