Pages and Max for Live Applications

  • As much as I'd like to work this one out for myself, I though I'd turn it over to the community. I'm running Live 8.2.1 on Mac OS X and haven't yet been able to configure M4L applications in Pages. Well that's not entirely true because I've gotten SevenUp Live to work, but take polygome64.amxd for instance. How would I set it up to communicate with an external app page?

  • hey sorry i missed this post, if you're still having trouble i'll give you a quick overview to get you started. basically there are 2 ways to connect to an external app -- you can use serialosc or define the ports/prefixes manually. some apps aren't going to support serialosc so you'll need to figure out exactly what ports and prefix they're using and manually hook it up. if you can get your monome working with these apps normally via monomeserialbridge or something then you should be able to use those exact settings in pages. hope this helps. if you're still having trouble then please link me to the exact versions of things you're using so i can try to replicate the issue.

  • Most of the time:

    - open an external page
    - set ports to 8000/8080
    - open m4l app

    this usually sets the prefix name e.g /004obo and im good to go.

    It has been tempremental though.