[video] ioflow live @ the downtown independent, l.a. monomeet

  • all five songs from my set at the los angeles monomeet, december 12, 2011.

    thanks to @egon77 to filming and assembling it all and sending me the raw footage. all i did was edit a few cuts and add some titles. charlie did a great job gettin' in there and making stuff look good!

    1. [[http://vimeo.com/34726978|our daily glitch]]
    2. [[http://vimeo.com/34752463|eastern gold]]
    3. [[http://vimeo.com/34771722|mnml autmn]]
    4. [[http://vimeo.com/34873196|light showers (electrified)]]
    5. [[http://vimeo.com/34938529|bit rain]]

  • good stuff. mnml autumn is my favourite i think.

  • Woooaaaah!!!

    DCtalk?! Now THAT takes me back.

    I've been OLDschooled.

  • nice, wish i could've gone. feels like a rad time.

  • it was definitely eye-opening. i still get the good warm vibes remembering it. thanks for all your supportz, guys!

  • @ioflow these are really nice! Are any of them available for download? I saw mnml autumn on Bandcamp, but how about bit rain or light showers?

    By the way, seems like the rove thread woke up a bit :)


  • they're all on my soundcloud, in slightly different forms. although i did post the complete audio of this live set several days ago; it's a single fifteen minute track. haven't done any other recordings of bit rain besides this one, though i do want to go back and revisit it.

  • HAHA! I heard the "I've got somethin for you man" and was like "wait, that sounds like the intro from that DC Talk song. And it totally was!

    Now I'm going to go listen to Jesus Freak on my way to work because I still have that cd.