• Ooo look, a new DAW, well either that or a rip off of Ableton. And they're looking for beta testers. How nice of them. Looks like this might be quite fun.

  • this looks very promising! linux support too. if they have an OSC layer i'm sold.

  • I saw this earlier on another forum, and it looks awesome. I heard that it's designed by some people who left ableton (not confirmed).

  • @phortran
    I emailed them about OSC and they said it wouldn't be in the initial release but they were planning to include it in a later version.

  • anyone beta testing? how is it?

  • I applied for Beta very early on and have received no invite. In fact i've heard of no one getting an invite O_O?

  • i think their news letter detailed that a wave of invites have gone out... i don't know anyone who has received one though.

  • my friend got a beta invite several weeks ago, i also applied and got an email bitwig that said thanks for applying but we already have all the people we need right now. can't wait for that shit to come out.

  • Just checked out the beta video again....has anyone noticed the top right...multiple sessions open at one time.

  • ^ that perks my attention up. Long desired multiple concurrent sets! Supposedly live 9 will let you have two open for drag and drop between them, but not for simultaneous playback.

  • @raja
    Love that video, laughed my ass off the first time my friend showed me it.

    So ridiculously stoked for bitwig

  • might be stoked if I hadn't paid for Live. It does lots of things wonderfully, but I still think Live could improve in many places, OSC integration for one.

  • wonder when live 9 is scheduled for?
    the 64 bit revamp is tell tale of major changes.
    i hope they spice it all up.

  • 'so they finally jazzed it up, eh?'

    i must admit the max tie in is the primary thing which has me sticking with live for the moment. Course that puts 64bit even farther away, for the moment...

  • apparently bitwig also has a sort of max/msp modular thing going on...

  • iiiiiinnnnnnnntttttteeeeerrrrreeeeessssstttttiiiiinnnnnggggg ;] thanku phortran...

  • :) wish i could get a beta key...

    there's this:

    sounds like the full release is still a ways off

  • Ooooooh that modular interface looks like Audiomulch and Plogue Bidule, but sexy.

  • I've been putting off buying ableton until a stable release comes out and im holding out for this. I beleive with a strong enough user base this can top them all, they CAN'T go the way ableton has and released with bug's galore. They just can't :'(.

    Ive emailed back and forth a few times with some of the team, and they are spot on at answering questions with nothing to hide.

    @Raja - what are you doing up at this time???

  • crazy shit....I did not know that he also knows about FCP X:

  • Bump. Bitwig is now for sale. What about it's use for Monome? This looks like some sort of pd integration:

  • Yep, this modular stuff a la Reaktor seems really appealing (more than anything that i've seen so far about BW).
    'at the core of the program', as they say, would mean that you could really go inside the existing devices' guts.
    Imagine, for instance, if you could edit Ableton's Operator and, i don't know, add a new filter or a second envelope...

  • The best feature might be plugin sandboxing. It's not sexy by any means, but now I'll be able to work and jam without the whole DAW crashing (actually, Live 9 has been causing some kernal panic events, which I will not miss).

  • plugin sandboxing has it's issues. given my experience with Renoise (VERY extensive history with it really) - it sandboxes plugs too - and i know many programmers that consider the DAW a work of art (not sure if that's the case personally but i find it incredibly intuitive).

    point i'm making is the renoise team gots skillz - and their sandboxed plugs still crash from time to time.

    also, knowing that the bitwig people worked on live - and how goofy live can be - does not give me hope that they know how to write code that feels as streamlined as Renoise.

  • I DID download the demo today, very disappointed that they didn't consider including OSC in the initial release - i had a nerdgasm over the 'open controller api' until i realized this. I did shoot them a message tho - could be a good opportunity for Monome - some sort of transparent way that a monome owner could plug their device into bitwig and 'it just works' - dunno if anyone in the community is down to give it a try - ill see what they say.

    oh and i made it very clear that i just dig monome, and that i'm not an employee - just that it seemed like an interesting opportunity to introduce more people to monome. We'll see. it's just an email. bout to try the demo - but a "revolutionary" DAW that doesnt support OSC out of the box? not too revolutionary to me. get on that shit bitwig.

  • Just downloaded the trial Linux version, eager to try it out.

  • still sitting in my downloads folder. i fell down a github/sourceforge hole.

  • I couldn't get sound running in bitwig on ubuntu. but then again, I'm running linux in a VM, so that may be complicating things.

  • still in the downloads folder - getting to it i swear. now that i've told everyone its like i made myself accountable :P

  • worked straightaway for me on linux. not 100% sure i want to drop the 300eur on it immediately but overall it's very snappy, very responsive. definitely stumbles more than renoise does doing similar workloads though.

  • i enjoyed the beta, though i used it for only a few hours total. i'm generally attracted to software made by small teams.