TouchOSC/Live Loopstation for ipod/iphone - getting playstate feedback on monome ?

  • hello,

    i've recently really started to get into the live looper which is very cool if put into an effects rack with guitar rig ... i use several guitar rigs (3 for different rhythm/solo sounds and one for the bass) and one looper for each which makes for a pretty flexible loopstation ... i'm controliing it with foot switches and my ipod touch (with touchOSC) but would prefer to use the monome for this

    i used the midi trigger page from pages but the one thing i'm missing is visual feedback of the loopers slots and play states .. for some reason i can't get the playstates to trigger the pads back from Live ... the little play,+,stop, record buttons in the Live Looper ...

    is there maybe a way through Max for Live to do this .. i just wanted to be able to see which of my loopers is playing or in overdub

    here's the touchOSC patch and Live set if someone wants to try it out ... it's made with Guitar Rig4 but you can use anything as input/output really

    the yellow buttons route the input of the track to the different FX (guitar rigs in my case) but don't trust the display .. hit it several times and your sure to have selected it, no matter what the yellow button states say :) don't know how to fix this yet ... tried to make the most of the small interface

    i really need to buy the lemur app for the iphone i guess, touchOSC sucks