SammichFM/Shruthi-1 for sale

  • i'm having a new year clear out and just not using these synths. unused clutter on my desk is annoying me.

    EU sale preferred, but open to sending anywhere really.

    SammichFM - €150 - based on the yamaha OLp3 sound chip
    Shruthi - €150 - CEM 3379 analog filter board.

    + p&p

    asking what i paid for the kits, so if you're a non diy type both are a bit of a bargain, shruthi-1s go for a good bit more assembled.

    both 100% and in proper cases.

    1552 x 1343 - 251K
    500 x 375 - 108K
    500 x 375 - 132K
  • shruthi sold!