one last push

  • a friend of mine (amazingly talented, if you ask me) made a video for my indie gogo campaign to help raise some more funds before it's over in 14 days.

    i hope you guys like it! thanks!

  • bumpity bump bump

  • i hope you get your lights back

    that video was super plus plus

  • oh man amazing video!! thanks for sharing, and get your lights back soon!

  • Less than two days left. So this is not only a bump, it is also a grind.

  • exactly! one last bump grind! thanks, GTZ. thank you everybody! i'm sure i'll be back pushing buttons in no time!

  • From someone who's lost equipment from spills, chills, and knock-over thrills, I can emphasize whole heartedly with not having equipment.

    Expect something your way this weekend after I get paid :)

  • That will be too late for the indiegogo campaign (12 hours left), unless they let Genko extend it for a few days.

    Maybe a direct PayPal transfer or something is possible, independent of that? It's a little bit wonky because he's in another country.

    Umm... another option to get you in before deadline:

    You've got my number. If you know how much you're planning to pledge, I can donate that on your behalf now, and you can pay me back later. That should bypass any international transfer complications.

    Other people: PM me if you need that same arrangement, and we'll see if I trust you.

    (I've met No Sir E in person; he's cool)

  • wow, thank you! it's T - 9 hours at the moment. and while i wish i could be back at HQ biting my nails waiting for it to end, i am currently at work.

    this campaign has gotten me thinking about everything that happened since the break in. while, it was without a doubt, one of the worst experiences i've ever had, it has also brought a lot of joy, new friendships, new projects and a whole new view on life and music.

    i am sincerely grateful to you, my monome peeps, for encouraging me to continue on this most amazing of paths, the path of music.

    i am grateful to everyone that pitched in on this small venture of mine... with their hard earned money, sharing the campaign link, or even just sending me good vibes.

    i can say that tonight i feel you all with me. we are genko, one would be compelled to say.

    p.s. i am completely cool with paypal thing, i think. i mean, i'm pretty sure i can pay brian by paypal, right? i know i have a verified account but i don't really know how it works...

  • crap, I saw the the first post thinking I still had about 9 days left !

    shoot me your paypal; email's under the username