FS: livid Instruments Code

  • This Code is quite new. Had it for about 2-3months. Mint condition. Asking for $400 including shipping to wherever you may be. The Code will be shipped from Malaysia.

  • I am interested in buying a new code I have talked to them about getting custom walnut finish. So I apologize for any false alarm. Just wandering why you aren't keeping it?

  • If I had to guess, he's upgrading to CNTRL:R.

  • haha. True. I really want the new cntrl:r. Its a lot more expensive than I was expecting so I will have to sell my Code.
    Mine's a walnut finish too.

  • willing to trade with a monome 64 if anyone is interested.

  • I don't have one to trade, but just to keep the dialog going... Would it have to be the official monome build, or would you be open to a completed Monome Kit, Arduinome, etc? (provided you could see pictures / video and get a sense for the quality)

  • i really want this....but i should be saving for a machinedrum... can you email me pics :D

    (whispered my email)

  • Ugh, another thing I want... I wish tehn and co would release individual pieces with faders and knobs, so you could just puzzle together a controller like this. monome 64, arc 2, square of faders, square of knobs... want...

  • @ greaterthanzero
    I have made Monome kits before and am not interested it those anymore. Would be interested in the real thing for a change. But thanks for asking. BTW I also have a midifighter (assembled) which I can include in some kind of a trade.

  • I just looked at their new controller. Thankfully they have not changed their aesthetic so I won't have to get one! I don't think their gear looks very elegant in general.

    Their software looks interesting though....

  • Also a tenori on orange available if anyone is interested