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    The Oplab Musical Experimental Board allows you to interconnect virtually any electronic musical instruments. And finally itÂ’s just plug and play. No more hassle with one box for MIDI and another for CV or a third for USB. Oplab has it all in one place. Just connect your cables, set the appropriate scenario and experience a perfect sync.
    But there is more...


    I ordered one, should ship in 6 weeks according the site. The sensors are out of stock or are not in stock yet, not clear to me. Also not clear to me is whether or not the board comes with any sensors, based on the package price of the "oplab" tray I am going to say no.

    I have an Op-1 and I love it to death. I feel like the TE approach to their website/store/image is a little much and the community for their products are lacking. I would love it if they felt a more "monomey" in that there is a direct line of communication and a sort of no bullshit "here is our stuff and we encourage you to use it" mentality... but it's not a huge deal.

    Any OP-1 owners here?

  • Seems kind of interesting. Unless I missed something, you could do the same thing with an Arduino and some sensors, though you'd have to program a bit.

    Man, do they have a 650Euro lamp on their site?!

  • I am an arduino fan and all the variants. I backed the teagueduino on kickstarter and should get it any day now

    I like how approachable all the home brew/makey style stuff is getting and I hope this is another outlet that makes it more accesible. We'll see...

    Yeah there is a pretty steep price on some of that stuff but it's kind of the same discussion from the Braun alarm clock thread...

    They aren't a giant manufacturer and each one is built on demand so I imagine they don't benefit from any bulk discounts on materials. The company is probably somewhere between 2 guys in a basement and 6 guys in bigger basement.

    I like their stuff and if I can ever justify buying that lamp I totally would, it looks awesome and it keeps their heat on potentially. That's not the kind of view I would have with a giant faceless company but for the people that seem to really invested in making neat shit I think it's an ok frame of mind. I can buy a lamp made in China from any department or office store for less than a 10th of the price but I doubt I would have it for the rest of my life let alone 5 years. I think I would try to hang on to a lamp that cost that much... not to mention the cost savings I got from the Chinese lamp are really just borrowed in the form of terrible wages/working conditions/mass resource raping etc etc etc... wow I sound like an asshole defending a 700 euro lamp... I'm just saying!

    How much do the individual components of a monome cost, you could take it down to PCB and solder but you wouldn't be considering the design and construction and... god damnit I am defending a 700 euro lamp... I will stop

    in summation: I hope the opLAB is cool and that one day I could be well off enough to buy a 700 euro lamp and support a seemingly cool company!

  • yeah an arduino with a usb host shield would do pretty much the same thing.
    i'd be interested to know how plug and play it really is...

  • From the pictures it looks all configuration is done with dip switches, which would mean no software to get dirty, but also limited configurability.

    With something like a monome, there's quality and craftsmanship to factor in. That PCB of theirs looks pretty rinky dinky, and most sensors come in a sturdy formfactor from manufacturers anyway, so that comparison isn't exactly valid.

    The only thing I could see that being is for people who don't wan to deal with software at all, and plug that into live or something. In which case, the premium in price is worth it. Granted this isn't as expensive as their keyboard.

  • i've had my op1 for about a month...the new OS update is pretty titz.

    i also kinda wanted to cop the shoes.

  • I've wanted to build something with those ports for years. It's harder than it sounds because, among other things, they're all digital. You run out of UARTs pretty quick.

    The casual Arduino equivalent would need to stack two USB Host shields and a MIDI shield. And you'd probably need to rewire some of the connections between one shield and the next, because each one makes conflicting assumptions about which pins are available to it.

    It's form factor would be a small tower with some connections on top and some poking out of the side.

    And the software you write for it would be inherently custom to your build, with limited support from any community because your requirements are so different from their own setup.

    If you're someone who can easily overcome these challenges, you're not using an Arduino.

    Maybe in reaction to OPLab's price, someone will release a single shield with the same ports. Then we'd have an equivalent platform to build from, and it would be more fair to compare based on price. That hasn't happened yet.

    Again, this is a hardware bridge between classic 5 pin MIDI, MIDI over USB, and any analog gear you might own. If you need that, there's not much else like it.

  • don't forget the connections are 3.5m jacks, so no soldering, it has onboard midi, 3 onboard USB ports and it seems like there is a wifi module, with the arduino that would take more than a few shields.

    it's a packaged solution, so in theory you may be able to get these components, write some simple code and have your midi instrument interact with ableton/ generic midi instruments/sensors with HOPEFULLY less setup than an arduino.

    I'm hoping they follow through and actually design something that sits directly in between a readymade device like a keyboard and a DIY project like the arduinome both in terms of hardware and software. I hope....

    edit: not tons more info but here it is in action, sort of

    edit 2:

    I didn't have the post refreshed when I replied so I didn't mean to parrot GreaterThanZero, which I hadn't seen.

  • wait, they offer a op-1 stand for 629 bucks and it's sold out?

  • I think that's the default way of saying "we will make this when you order it"

  • yeah i think my comment has been misinterpreted.
    i didn't mean you could build this like for like with an arduino and a shield.
    i just think that its very rare that you would be using all of those ports at one time and the core functionality could be replicated with the mentioned setup. is a similar (albeit for photography) and cool project!

    also it think the oplab has a lot of cool features that (for me at least) would be difficult to code for the arduino platform

    on another note, i convinced myself last week that the op1 was too pricey...but that update...hmmm

  • The point was made in another thread that you can buy numerous Arduinos for the cost of this. And that's true.

    You could do a lot of what OPLab does using separate components and your computer, with additional software to patch it all together. A lot of us are already thinking in those terms, so we don't necessarily *need* that. But it does eliminate a lot of crazy workarounds.

    I will say, if you're just using sensors to drive OSC parameters in your computer, this solution is overkill. I don't think that's what this product is. It's for making gear talk to each other (without booting into Windows/OSX and waiting for max/msp to load).

  • I play with mine everynight... the OP-1 too *rimshot

    The build quality is amazing and there is no real equivalent in terms of use. There is something liberating about not having to be tethered, and not having VST's or drivers, undo, quantize, or a mouse/keyboard/monitor, or limitless internets attached to it like with a computer. They got an old Casio keyboard, a 4 track, a synth, an 808, and the aforementioned Braun alarm clock to all fuck eachother. I can't say whether or not its practical for everyone, especially at the price.... but in terms of functionality its amazing.

    Most people here have paid between 400 - 1000 dollars for a monome. The OP-1 is equally worth the cash.

    Other than the monome, of everything I own, nothing comes close to it. I would go as far as to mail it to people and you guys could mail it to the next person, pass it around like a joint/ and or loose woman. OP-1 6 week tour style.

  • Dang. TriggerTrap is way cool.

  • "an old Casio keyboard, a 4 track, a synth, an 808, and the aforementioned Braun alarm clock"
    a few of my favourite things. i think that means i have to buy one :(

  • so from what i understand, it's a small hub of signal conversion?
    real accessible idea. nothing too incredibly new. personally, the price is something else though, for what is. seems geared more toward those not-arduino-familiar people.

    a lot of potential here... i may have to get like 10 of them if i can find some cheap ones within the next few years :p

  • the op-1 is great, but not greater than having a box of kids toys, a radio, and any sampler ever made. and automat. and a looping pedal. and a monome.
    ok, i guess i'd like the op-1, too.