FS: Focusrite Saffire 6 - £100

  • £100 Delivered.

    Need to upgrade to the scarlett 18i6 due to my arsenal upgrade :D! So this baby is for sale, mint condition with original box.



  • Just wanted to throw out there that I've got a Saffire pro 24 and the saffire line is a group of really nice interfaces especially with their included mix control software. High recommended!

  • They are indeed! thanks for the comment!

    I wanted the pro 24 but it is firewire :(

  • t.62 + cash? hehe

  • I just switched over to a mac but before that I had a cheap firewire card, this guy...


    and it worked great on my dell laptop. Firewire seemed more reliable than the usb card I had before.

  • cheers man, i have no pci slot on my laptop :(

  • everytime.. :(

  • oh how i have missed this!

  • sabotaging my attempt at selling gear?

    me too...


  • how is the latency with this dean? what kind of settings could you achieve?

    i bought a 1616 emu card a while back and I think i need to face the fact that its not up to much. I also can't get my old m audio fire wire card to work on my new machine.

    so thinking of giving usb a go!

    also, does the loop back facility actually work? could i loop ableton to max and visa versa?

  • hey man,
    no issues with my spec at all! no humanly noticeable latency noticeable.

    Im at work so cant get more info :(.

    The loopback is on the liquid saffire (firewire) not this one im afraid :(

    You can send audio from ableton to max via rewire though?

  • I bought the Scarlet yesterday. It works so much better!

    It has loop back but not yet tried it. Re wire liquid ability to record live loops in things like mash and mlr.

  • awesome im gonna buy the 18i6 tonight!

    Price reduction!

    £100 delivered!

  • you wont be sorry. Smitten with mine!

  • i considerred the 18i6 but it looks like you need to use lightpipe to get most of the outputs.

  • Don't want to be the party pooper but I've had some problems with my 8i6 and Macbook Air. Support has been pretty good helping me work through it, though. It seems that it won't work after the Air has been asleep, requiring a reboot every time you put the laptop to sleep.

    My other issue with the 8i6 is that the headphones output is the same as channels 3/4 - which isn't clear from the publicity - meaning you can't use those outputs at the same time as having a headphone mix.

    Otherwise it seems good. Can't work out how to use the loopback.

  • ahh the loopback function to speak, do you mean the phono/spdif i/o? It works like an aux send, is this what your meaning?

    What scarlett did you get?

    I cant decide wether to go for it or just hold out and save for a motu ultralite? :(

  • Andrew, we're windows lads, focusrite seems to work almost flawlessly with windows. Isnt the output from headphones switchable?

    @pete - googled it, nevermind u_u

  • I got the 8i6. I nearly got the Ultralite but I just can't see that I will need to record more than 4 tracks at once. my last card had 8 in and i just found that i used the first 4 routed through my 16track console.

  • yeah i get your point, i currently need 4, but will need another two at least, the ultralight offers eveything i need, good amount of i/o, longevity, portability and quality.

  • yeah, they make really nice gear. i used an 828 for a while.

    I am really pleased with my purchase and i have change. I bought a shruthi1 too this month so it was a nice price!

  • there is a very favourable review on the 18i6 in this months sound on sound.

  • Do you get the reviews online?

  • Only a short part :(

  • they basically said that its really stable, sounds great, but the fact that you can't expand the output may limit some.

    do you fancy partnering up for the latest mcrp?

  • Sounds fun man but I've no time over the next few days, when doesn't need to become for?

  • registration is the end of the month and then tracks are to be submitted by end of Feb.

  • Hmm let me think about it. I just don't want say I'll do it then disappoint by not being able to invest as much time into it :(



  • what no ebay?

    I have 2 cards going up this weekend.

  • Yeah I think I will I have a few car bits for sale. I probably should post them up on the bay too....

  • and on that note...


  • throw in your 256 dean and i'll take it !!!!



  • Hahaha if only :p