Vermona DRM MK3

  • Just bought one of these after deciding against a machinedrum, any comments on the machine?

  • i've been lusting after those for AGES! good buy man!

  • Well if I'm not liking it I'll give you a shout if you wanna buy :p. it's to keep me going whilst I save for a Machinedrum.

  • yeah, nice buy! I love the UI. the only thing that prevents me wanting one is no cc control, I guess that makes it truly analog but I just love so much to modulate everything ^^ you're going to have a lot of fun together with a monome!

  • Yeah im looking forward to some monome sequencing! should be awesome indeed, just seen the price of the side panels for the machine, ridiculous price. Might try and make some my self or build this bad boy flat into my desk.

  • nice buy bro, i had a friend who bought one a year and a bit ago. he loved the claps on it!

    you seem to be buying some legit gear :)

  • @protocol - i quit smoking in december, its unreal how much money its saving me so buying new gear has taking over and ive decided to really take this seriously and dedicate alot more of myself to my music.

    Plus it keeps my hands and mind active :P

  • @ dean
    that is awesome you quit smoking! you should be quite proud of yourself.
    and you are getting some classic equip to show for it too, all the better.

    (trying to think of what habit i can lick to convince my wife to allow me to get more gear...)

    however, I am getting a slim phatty though which i am stoked about. I have used the little phatty for a record a few years ago and fell in love with it, the sound is so awesome!

  • ahh man i intended to get a little phatty before i decided to get the modular!
    the modular won because of its vast ability and im not an analog snob.
    Its definetly on the cards at some point.

    My girlfriend dont know about the vermona yet...shes forever hassling me about gear :(.

    Go for the old "ive always had this" approach.

  • haha, yeah right :)

  • @'tini - is this a reply to the "ive always had this" :P

  • yep, tried it, doesn't really work :) meanwhile, my exotic guitar pedal collection continues to grow...

  • hahahahaha epic.

    Wonder if this would play out -

    Her - "umm what is this?"
    Me -"i love you"
    Her - "aww i love you too, never mind about that new expensive piece of noise making equipment"

    we can always hope for a better future v_v

  • haha, never tried the "ive always had this" approach, but i definitely used the "i love you" approach. this is how it happened:

    she was sitting by her computer, i come up from behind and give her a shoulder massage (she immediately thinks something is up, but decides to stay quite and relish in the moment)

    I tell her how sweet and kind she is, and at the peak of the moment, "i love you"

    she then sighs and says, "okay Cory, what are you wanting to buy?"

    i then bring it up...

    ...she's quite....
    (i keep going with the massage)
    ... still quiet...
    (still going with the massage)
    ...still quiet...
    (still going... my hands are tired)
    finally i hear the words, "ok"!!
    Then i jump on my computer and make my purchase :)

  • In an attempt to conceal my habit, my more recent purchases have been handheld stuff. Monotribe, handheld recorder, iPad...I Just put it away at the end of the day. It's working so far x< )
    But I can't keep this up forever...I ll have to go all soft soon. Wait allow me to rephrase....

  • Conversly, i've been pretty ruthless about selling on stuff that I'm not using.
    I've sold a load of stuff since Christmas. No clutter equals clear head!

  • thats the best way to be 'tini!! i got rid of alot of non music related stuff recently. Was hard but i did it!

    I got the Vermona today, woah!! this and the nord modular together are just insane!!

  • I just got baubie's comment "ill have to go all soft soon" haha!