Step sequencer with controllable velocity?

  • Do we have one of those? one page sequencer and the next page velocity sequencer or something along them lines?

    I did search i promise :(

  • I'd check obo and plane. Stretta puts configuration pages like that into most of his work.

  • Parc has 4 probabilistic velocity pages.

  • no luck with obo

    i found the plane thread it was mentioned stretta was thinking about implementing the feature =/

  • pages can do 2 levels of velocity in it's step sequencer?

  • yeah i use pages to sequence just now, but im quite picky on levels :(

    i probarly shouldnt be >_>

  • portamentos may be what im looking for ill check more when i get home!

  • just one thought (i assume it's for the vermona), wouldn't you need velocity control per row? (btw this is a awesome app idea imo, even more with individual row length)

    sorry not helpful at all

  • the GridStep groovy page has velocity controllable via an arc if that's interesting for you :) (or other things if you're willing to hack it a bit)

    demonstration of how it works:

  • Hmm would it be hard for a non programmer to hack so that I can choose velocity via the grid?

  • @l00p - its for everything really, a lot of vst drum machines have the velocity sequencer as does m4l apps but monome doesn't. And it's the perfect grid for it!

  • Why not Molar? I used to set up all the top rows as MIDI step sequencer, only the two last rows as mlr-type looper.

  • probably not the easiest thing to hack, but if you don't find a solution let me know and i'll see what i can do!

  • @dby - molar has no velocity sequencer.

  • Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are looking for? You can set velocity for each individual step in Molar.

  • Ooh is that right? I have the documentation filed away on paper somewhere I'll take a look. Thank you!

  • Try using SN1 mode. Press and hold "edit steps" will let you set velocity for each step. "JAM" will let you record notes into active sequences, where most left button on the row is the lowest velocity, and furthest right is max velocity. You can also set different notes to each step in a sequence if you like... I think you press "edit mult" and "nudge" to switch between "edit mult" and "edit note". Been a while since I last used it, so I'm not 100% sure.

  • Not as fluid as Id like but I'll look into it, cheers a lot mate.

  • I'm really surprised 'plane' doesn't have it yet. Just because you're inherently not locked into any particular pattern length; I would have expected you could loop, say, a 15 beat velocity pattern applied to a 14 beat note pattern. Y'know? Just seems like his style.

  • oi oi dean,

    whisper me your email and i'll send you something over tomorrow ;).

  • "a 15 beat velocity pattern applied to a 14 beat note pattern"

    what a great idea GTZ! i'm taking that...

  • @phortran - thanks mate! I'll have a look today see what's can do.

  • i did create a sequencer that i never made public (genome) - an attempt to emulate the sequencer in my DS evolver - independent sequences for melody line and then one each for as many ccs as you like. length of each can be set differently, e.g. melody 8 steps, cutoff 7 steps , velocity 5 steps, get the idea - enables very complex pattern generation. includes euclidean rhythm generation too,

    the rene sequencer emulation i'm working on will include these features and more...don't hold your breath - it will take a while to complete. look at the makenoise pages for an idea of rene's capabilities - a non-linear sequencer - my version will produce midi rather than cv.

  • sounds amazing knecht!!! reminds me a lot of pyrolator's brontologik4 which does that and a lot more... unfortunately it's a bit bulky and sometimes not very accurate but I always found it to be so awesome to have separate patterns for pitch, vel, cc's etc... (it does a lot of other stuff too)

  • I could us genome sequencer on iPad, but I definitely want my monome to do the sequencing.
    We definitely need some 'next gen' sequencing going down.