mlrv4live 1.71

  • just tried to set it up & ran into problems.

    max windows shows 4chmixer.maxpat missing.
    so i have to put the inserts folder in the max folder.
    but then i get a max error about multiple 4chmixer.maxpat.

    i use a launchpad to start clips so i don't need pages & no second LiveOSC user remote scipt, so which LiveOsc Folder should I used?

    maybe a result of the first 2 errors but when i connect to mlrv4live 1.71 the first button on the two bottom columns light permanently.
    In the max window I see that button presses are recognized by mlrv4live but I don't get no led feedback.

    Should i be able to use mlrv4live just like a "normal" mlr version:
    Dropping files in the drop box, select a file with mouse in mlrv4live & start mashing?
    'cause I couldn't get a file to play (xsamples installed & no error in max windows)

  • 5th:
    port confusion: it auto binds to ports 8000 & 8001.
    shouldn't it be 8000 & 8080 ?

    and then it also binds to 9021 as well.

    guess the second is for the liveOSC ?

  • okay so i haven't even loaded this patch up in about 2 years but i'll do my best.

    1st: don't know, i don't think it matters.. never understood the inserts thing in mlrV.

    2nd: use the liveosc folder included in the zip for the correct version of live. probably the 8.1 one for your operating system.

    3rd: the bottom two rows are edit rows. click the help button in the '4live' tab of mlrV to read about the features..

    4th: should be able to.. got Dac on?

    5th: 8000 8001 is correct, no idea why i did that.. think the 9021 is for liveosc