Playing live in Berlin tonite [video]

  • hi all,

    we are testing our new live setup with interactive visuals tonite @ the c-base in berlin. I'm first playing a rather abstract set of generative stuff and afterwards a deep-house set with my friend Entlet.

    In parallel to the music side of the set we've developped a video projection mapping tool with Touchdesigner which gets all the note information from Ableton Live via OSC to drive the visuals, all the visuals are realtime 3d..

    Here's some more info:

    adress is Rungestr. 20, S-Bahn Jannowitzbr

  • cool videos.
    i really like the visuals in the first two.

  • thanks @discopimp for sharing this.

    cool. like it.

    definitely worth to see it. might check it out later on. everybody is very welcome to join us.

    i´m located in kreuzberg....

    drop me a line

    m o n o a u r a l ( a t ) y m a i l ( d o t ) c o m

  • I would just like to chime in that i really enjoyed the first two videos. really great stuff! was this all done via one projector?

  • hi all ... yesterdays show was great, i had a really great sound .. will post proper vids later where you can see the whole installation

    Kristoffer, we were working with 4 computers and 5 projectors to map the visuals for the whole room, one for the desk/sculpture thing, one for the background and two for the rest of the room ...

    here are a couple of pics already: