Extra 8x8 button boards and starfire logic boards 4 sale

  • I've got some left overs from a project that never happened - life happened instead. Ready to pass these on to someone who will make good use:

    Button Boards $14.00 each

    Logic Boards $7.50 each

    Shipping through USPS:

    Domestic (US) logic board only - $5.35
    Domestic (US) button board - $11.35

    Europe logic board only - $17.00
    Europe button board - $48.00

    Canada logic board only - $13.00
    Canada button board only - $33.00

    If you are interested, please give me a shout at john [ at ] arcborn.com

    800 x 533 - 253K
    800 x 533 - 185K
  • I also have 2 8 x 8 livid button pads for $30 each

  • Livid pads are sold!

  • I take that back - have two livid pads for sale as well, still $30 each plus shipping

  • i'm looking for 64 livid buttons + spacer. msg me. thanks.

  • are any of these still available for sale?

    i'm in canada btw.

  • I'd love to buy two of your button pad PCB's. I'm in the US.

    Please message me if they are still available!


  • would love both button pcbs and logic, and also happy to take the buttons pads off your hands. how many of everything do you have left? Shipping to the US.

  • bump - these are still available if anyone is interest! I'll make a deal if you want more than 1...