Which version of MLR can "SLICE"?

  • Hey, i searched the forum but couldn't find anything.

    Is there a version of mlr that can slice the loops loke mlrv?
    I mean a function that allows the loop to play just as long as you keep a button pushed?

    I really like mlrv but haven't been able to use it with a monome-emulator, so i can't integrate it in my live/monome set but have to use it "standalone" with native launchpad control mode.

    Would be really nice to find a version of mlr with the following:

    - record input
    - slice mode

    For routing stuff into it & the whole setting-things-up & preset management i really prefere alphanerd's aes edit of mlr (m4l) but it doesn't allow slicing ;-(

    Or does it?

  • as far as i know mlrv is the only version with slice mode

  • Both Shfflr and Molar can do the momentary slice mode. neither are mlr tho :]