Looking for a SP1200...Possible trade

  • i have a project coming up and am looking for a EMU SP-1200. i have a 128 that i'm reluctant to let go of, but would consider a trade.

    open to conversation: actuel (at) gmail [dot] com

  • you're crazy ;)

  • well mister i've-bought-a-analog-synth-every-two-weeks-for-gawd-knows-how-long, you may be right. :)

    no decisions made. hoping to pull some sidework to be able to purchase without selling. we'll see!

  • i always wanted to try out an sp1200. i had an sp12 for a while, but the slow memory thing got to me. apparently the 1200 is a lot faster.

  • ouch! now see if i loan you my 40h when you're monomeless!

  • "ouch!", did that hurt? wasn't intended to inflict pain, i'm just envious.