New Arc app (The Chocolate Grinder)

  • A new app for Monome Arc2/Arc4 (or any MIDI controller).

    The Chocolate Grinder is a software emulation of a skipping/glitchy CD player.
    You can record (or drop a waveform) into a buffer and then define a playback/glitch window.

    It uses authentic skip/glitch samples at every jump point along with weighted randomness of sample choice to emulate several makes/eras of CD players.

    The seek/fastforward is also faithfully recreated.

    Requires Max6 and Alex Harker externals.

    Here's a video:

    And it can be downloaded here:

  • 2 things!

    1.) Awesome, my arc should get here this week

    2.) It's crazy how CD skips are now vintage to me. This sound used to drive me insane but now it's comforting. Like vinyl skips.

  • Hehe yeah.

    It's surprising how difficult it is to get that to sound 'real'.

  • That's a wondrous and inspiring video. Glad you're putting the arc to good use!

  • excellent!

  • playing with this last night. so cool. i'm gonna start using this on a regular basis i reckon!

  • Sweet. Once I figure out some button mapping/implementation I'm going to incorporate it into the party van as a page. (I tasked myself to come up with an app using only the arc and no grid).

  • wow. beautiful.

  • Ok, I've finished the (massive) chocolate grinder revamp. Been working on this on/off for an effing long time! Putting it up here for a quick beta test before implementing it into the party van, and releasing it as its own app.

    It requires some of the same externals the party van does, so if you have that setup, you'll be good to go.

    It's set up like a page from the party van, so you have to go to page4 (like you would in the party van). since this is a test/neutered version, there are no other pages, only page4.

    it's a mix between tml, the chocolate grinder, and a turntable app (the idea being it's 3 different playback engines).
    The different engines are:
    tcg - reworking of the original chocolate grinder
    tml - adaptation of tml (tehn micro looper)
    tbl - turntable app

    each column is an instance, so there are 8 total units.

    each row is as follows:

    row7 - 2x speed
    row6 - 0.5x speed
    row5 - reverse
    row4 - mode change (tcg, tml, tbl)
    row3 - play
    row2 - record
    row1 - arc focus

    top arc - position/window for all playback engines
    bottom arc - depends on which playback engine is being used:

    tcg - "glitch" amount. this controls the volume of the glitches, AND the window jitter. press = jumping to a new position
    tml - setting LFO speed. press = freezing volume/LFO
    tbl - "scratch" of playback. pressing jumps to a new position

    there are lots of details that change depending on the mode you are in. like recording. when in tml it's press to record, release to stop (ala tml), for the other two modes, it's press to record, and press again to stop.
    when in turntable mode, playback spins up/down, etc...

    things to test for:
    general buginess
    arc focus changes/refreshing
    overall cpu load (the dsp muting is pretty robust, but it can gobble a lot of cpu!)

    known issues:
    tbl clicks when changing position/window. i need to rework the underlying engine for this, but what it does sounds really good. just avoid changing position window while in tbl mode

    give it a spin and let me know your thoughts!

  • I am about to check this out today! @rodrigo this seems like something pretty lights would love lol

  • @rodrigo I am currently testing out your new beta for tcg 2 and am loving it! I will report back later after I have spent a whole day on it but as of quick, fuuuuunn!

  • if this clicking would go away this would be a very utilized tool! the clicking is beyond bothering and almost always there. The clicking I am experiencing is mostly in tcg though not tbl.

    EDIT #1 The Scratch on TBL seems to have a huge cute off, where it only seems to be effective in the "Scratch" at 100 for a split second but seems to just bounce tuning between 0-99. Any chance we can end the parameters at our adjustments more fine tunely? I see this becoming a very effective tool in beat production. I love TCG so far!

    EDIT #2 Can we get a rewire? Select input here but output missing? This was a feature that was in the first tcg if I am correct?

    EDIT #3 On my arc 4, only the top 2 closest to the usb input knobs seem to be responding to the software, the lower two have no response. Is this intended?

  • @clicking
    The clicking you are talking about is part of the design. Does it go away when you turn the 'glitch' parameter down?

    The TBL scratching isn't perfect. Definitely some work there to do. The way that it works it that you drag around the play head, kind of scratch/scrubbing, but if you pass 0. (or 1.) it does a big 'jump' and you get a pronounced scratch sound.

    This is a larger issue and deals with max and other applications. You can use soundflower or jack to route audio around. It's not ideal.

    That's correct. I designed it around 2 knobs so only that amount of parameters is accounted for. the original tcg was based on only knobs, so having 4 knobs meant you had 4 loopers. now the loopers are based on the grid, so the knobs control parameters.
    at some point I'll address that, it's just coming up with meaningful things for the other 2 knobs to control for each mode

  • @rodrigo If you have any direct features that you need a second opinion on, I would love to help, I don't know if you intended this to be a production tool or what but I will certainly be utilizing this in my production.

  • volume control of each loop via the arc would be great! pitch would be nice too.

  • Hmm, some good suggestions.

    I do plan on doing an actual release version of this, I just need to lean up the interface and all that. It's usable as it is now, but tweaking wouldn't hurt.

  • Good to hear, i'll be looking forward to it.

  • I tested it and I can't believe that Party van could be more awesome !

    My future experimentation is to include the Arc 2 to my guitar:

  • @starfucker I think that is a really cool idea but be safe! The arc is built very durable, but unfortunately the micro cords on the other hand, break very easily.

  • When you mention the "micro cords" it's the usb plug or something else ? Sorry I'm french

  • the usb plug, its not you being french its me being connection ending illiterate. @starfucker I hope I dont discourage you! this looks like a crazy cool idea!

  • new video for testing

  • Love these +guitar videos!

  • thanks a lot Rodrigo ! I use the 10th version of Party Van but I'm sure that I forgot to test a lot of new stuff.

    Can you tell us more about the presets ?

  • @starfucker inc. very cool! very creative!

  • The ones are there to save to. Because of the copy/paste thing I implemented, I need a fixed number of preset entries, so there are 99 presets, 16 are currently filled.

    You can also export your own preset file so when there's a big update, you should be able to re-import your presets.

  • I'm wondering why chocolate grinder is not detecting any devices in SerialOsc, the drop down menu doesn't seem to be responsive. Is there a specific destination where the Alex Harker externals should go?

    I have verified arc is connected in monome test app

  • The externals should go in Max 6.1/Cycling '74/msp-externals

    Hmm, the app hasn't been updated since the new version of serialosc. Try the beta Party Van to see if it shows up in there (the updated chocolate grinder is in here anyways):

  • I had to add the zeroconf externals when installing The Party Van recently, this may be what you are missing

  • The original version of the chocolate grinder does require zeroconf, I forgot about that. @mike you should use the beta party van (link above). Tons of new features/bug fixes and doesn't require zeroconf etc...