Polygome & Momome

  • Hello, im a new user and I wanted to ask as few questions as ive only just started downloading apps and experimenting with this device. Ive only tried 2 apps so far, 64fingers and Polygome. About half way through using Polygome, the lights on my Monome dimmed, so I quit runtime and rebooted the app and still the same. The only way to cure it was to unplug the device. Also around the same time, I unplugged the device and all of a sudden had a kernel crash. I am using a Macbook Pro (Intel). Furthermore ive noticed that when you quit an app and you have left buttons switched on, they stay on. Basically I was wondering if these instances were normal? Many thanks!

  • With regards to the grid dimming:

    Are you using an official monome, or a Monome kit? If it is a kit, check all the connections, especially around the ribbon cables ( resolder if needed).

    I have been have an issue like this with my kit for some time and have been trying to figure it out ( after I did re soldering).

    This thread is possibly relevant to you ( towards the bottom):


  • Ah sorry, yes I should of mentioned...Yes its an official Monome, I only had it since the new year, Its a grayscale 64. Thanks

  • They're all separate questions, and some of them are normal.

    Lights dimming on Polygome: I haven't heard of that, but if unplugging and plugging it back in fixed it, that part doesn't surprise me. Check your system's power management settings - you probably hadn't touched your mouse or keyboard in a while, so I wonder if your system didn't reduce power as part of a screensaver or some such.

    Unplugging the device causing a kernel crash in OSX: I have seen that here on the forums, and I bet if you search, someone's posted a solution. (probably an updated driver of some sort)

    Lights staying on when you quit an app: That's perfectly normal. The lights stay on until an app turns them off. (Not a huge problem, except that unplugging the device is causing you a kernal crash) If you want, I'm sure I could write you a quick "lights out" app, or a modified SerialOSC.maxpat file with added "lights out" button. You'll still have to remember to press it, though.

  • As far as I know, all my energy saving is turned off on my MacBook, but the screen does switch off after 10 mins so maybe it did while I was playing with the device.

    The kernel was just once so far but I will do a search, thanks. Yes a lights out app would be fantastic as unplugging the device surely mustn't do it any good, or maybe it's ok?

    What's the language? Is it c++?

    Cheers :)

  • Most of us are just doing stuff with max/msp. I mean, C++ is great, but there's the whole "compiling for different platforms" issue that we don't want to deal with. And we do enjoy it when people make new stuff out of our work. Like, say, the attached file!


    This is a relatively simple hack to the copy of serialosc.maxpat found in here:

    (I'm assuming you're on a SerialOSC version of polygome, or at least running the MonomeSerial version through a bridge app like "pages"?)

    So. How does this work?

    Open your polygome (or pages, or whatever) directory, and rename serialosc.maxpat to serialosc.backup or something. Open the attached .zip file, and use this copy of serialosc.maxpat to replace the original. Repeat for other apps as needed.

    Now when you load your apps, the device selection drop-down has sort of a drop shadow below it. And, shadows make it dark, right? So when your monome is connected to an app, clicking the shadow fools serialosc into thinking your app sent a command to turn all the LEDs off.

    This should be interchangeable with the original. Nothing needs to be rebuilt in your apps, and it shouldn't take any more space on the screen.

    So, there's that. Hopefully people will find it useful, or at least find it.

  • That's great, thanks!

    Ive just tried it out using an app (64fingers) quickly before I dash to uni, and it does exactly as it says on the tin!

    But, sadly...yes another Kernel crash when I unplugged the device, grr what the hell is wrong :( will have to have a search later....

    Thanks for the help

  • @daz

    Have you had any luck with keeping the grid from dimming/going out?

  • Hi!

    Yes thank god, it only ever happened when using polygome. So far so good with all other apps. The only thing im suffering is the really bad kernel crashes when unplugging the momome after a session :( But reading the threads on here, it sounds like we need a driver update from ftdi. Hope yours is ok FingerTappin, will keep you posted if the lights do dim in the near future, and how dare they too ;)