album :: parlez-vous francais? learn conversational french cassette tape

  • i humbly submit my latest release - parlez-vous francais? - for you and your ears.

    12 tracks of zoned out vibrations
    subliminally catch some french phrases.
    cheese wine and cigarettes
    lofi sp404 DIY shit

    available on cassette tape or digital 1's and 0's

    peace and love

  • oui, je parle francais un peu.

    some nice scratchy vintage flavor.

  • Non, je ne parle pas francais. Et......ceci n'est pas une pipe.

    "Le Dernier Autobus" kicks it!

  • sweet idea, sweet tracks.

    thanks for sharing.


    "have you any chicken soup"


  • lovely album, thanks!

  • just found my soundtrack for the rest of the week. AWESOME!

  • je vous remercie tous beaucoup pour l'

  • How'd I miss this? Dope dude.

    Headed to France in May. This reminds me, I need to study...