[sold] FS: microkorg xl synth/vocoder

  • * sold! thanks. *

    (decided i'd try the fine community here before i put it up on craigslist or ebay.)

    excellent condition microkorg xl. i am the second owner. in excellent physical and audio condition. includes original vocoder microphone and power supply.

    this synth just never gelled with me. i didn't use it in any of my finished tracks, aside from one [[http://soundcloud.com/ioflow/20110814-1|vocoder experiment]]. this has been stored, covered, almost ever since i got it last summer.

    note: the original owner drew marker lines on top of the main dials to make it easier to see what's actually selected. a little elbow grease should rub 'em out. i left them on because they //do// make it easier to see settings. cosmetic only; all knobs, benders, and keys work fluidly, as expected.

    looking for $300, //including// all shipping, insurance, and paypal fees. located in san diego, CA, shipping to north america. it just needs to go to a good home.

    references: i've traded with a couple of other folks here on the forums, and can supply my ebay ID if desired.

    interested? just whisper to me, or check my [[http://post.monome.org/account.php?u=5168|profile]] for my gmail address.

    854 x 640 - 147K
    854 x 640 - 124K
    854 x 640 - 127K
    854 x 640 - 119K
  • Dude, totally onboard. I do live in Australia however?

  • a quick trip to the ups calculator says shipping to sydney (for example) is half the cost of the synth, which is more than i can cover. if you're willing to cover the shipping cost, email me, and we'll work something out.

  • sheeeeit.....yeah, just had a look on UPS as well. Totally forgot about shipping cost!! Even though $300 US is about $280AUD, plus the postage I could get a new one for $549! Didn't think the shipping would be that much. Nice one anyway, good luck with the sale, sure it will go to a good home

  • I did a quote from NYC to Brisbane and it came in at 163. Not sure where you live, but even as a rough draft it is going to be over $100US eh? Depending on where you are located ?

  • ioflow's in Southern California. San Diego, in fact. (it says so in his post up there)

  • indeed. i got a quote from here to brisbane, and it seems to be anywhere from $160 to $200. doesn't seem to be as practical as i'd hoped.

  • @greater than zero noticed that after typing

    @ioflow shame really, doesn't seem to matter where in the US it is still very expensive eh?

  • I can't really make heads or tails of this:


    But it looks like CCs 0-95 and 102-119 represent every control you could ever map one of the panel knobs to.

    Which means, if I'm reading that correctly, that you could write an app to manipulate 112 separate parameters of the synth and its effects simultaneously.

    I'm not saying it would sound good, but that's pretty cool.

    (I see a preset morphing step sequencer...)

    This is the wrong model, but just for inspiration...

  • sale pending! on hold.

  • sold! thanks.