light sensitive monome

  • maybe old news for some, but i just stumbled upon this interesting vid &
    haven't found it on the forum:

    anyone has some more infos on that?

  • As I understand it, that was an unintended side effect of how she's detecting button presses on her monome-compatible coffee table - when the sun is at just the right angle, it registers as "press" data.

    Ignoring that bug/feature, it's a truly lovely design, and I'm entranced by the display. Far more so than with silicon buttons.

    Have you watched her other videos?

  • some of them, yes. will continue tomorrow.

    but i don't get your comment.
    the description of the video says something diffenent, as i understand it.

  • think i just found the answer myself:

    now it all makes sense.

  • Yeah. Though, I haven't seen 2 yet myself. Cool!

    My point was more that this was always intended to behave as a monome, with discrete control over every button.

    As opposed to, say, this:
    ...which is purely light-reactive.