is 7up still being developed

  • So yeh 7up is probably my favorite monome app..

    Even though I only have a humble launchpad I've found it alot better and intuitive even than the LPC script..

    I would love to hear that it is still being updated and worked on because I think it has incredible potential to become even more great..

  • More than any other app, I think someone ought to build a launchpad-native port of 7up.

    Key features of that version would be:

    1) the paging buttons can move off of your 8x8 grid, and onto the circle buttons above or next to it. which would mean one more column to play with on every page.

    2) rendering.. why blink lights to simulate dimmer brightness settings when you can display a darker color?

    And then if you're not worried about maintaining the launchpad's original mappings in Ableton, you've actually got eight more buttons you can play with. These might represent banks of additional pages, or refined control within each page.

    Anyway... emulation is stupid. To my way of thinking, the 7up solution you need would fall out of sync with the official version almost immediately anyway.

    But of course, nobody's built that, so this response wasn't terribly useful.


  • To answer the original question.

    I would say development has stalled, especially given 2.0.5 has been an RC candidate for a year. It is on my mind to push a final release of 2.0.5 with some additional bug fixes from the thread and also looking into problem with MAX 6. Hey I can't sleep and it's 4 am so maybe I better get on it.

    Adam is onto other projects and so am I, however I do actively support it here on the forum as you can see from this email.

    7up is a pretty mature and feature packed app. It has weakness in certain areas like the looper compared to say mlr, but it's true to its vision I think. There are certain things that have bugged us from the beginning, like the need to consolidate loops at a certain BPM for looper.

    1. We could get some great ideas for a new sweeping major revision, similar to what we did when we moved from 1.x to 2.x. This was a ton of work and I can't see myself having the time for such a thing.

    2. Someone else (bright developer) could become interested and make a major push to get involved. This is kinda what happened when adam was the sole guy behind 7up and I showed up.

    3. Some new dropin M4L components could be developed. For example, a new looper component in M4L that does away with using Live's Simpler instrument would be great. Think of it as a channel of mlr that drops in and responds to the messages we already send the looper. There are lots of ideas that could be executed soley in MAX. 7up core sends messages to the individual components to tell them to do things and these components can be developed as plugins.

    So there are certainly ways things could move forward. If someone wanted to get involved, they could work at the M4L level rather than needing to write Java and still make a big impact.

    Anyway, that's the answer to your question and I'm open to and would encourage any feedback people have on the subject including any bright ideas for the evolution of 7up in the future.

    It's always nice to hear people come back and say how they love 7up cause that's what gets us motivated to work on it.

    Actually we do already support multi-color on the launchpad rather than blinking, but yeah it's through an emulator. That's why the "Multi-Color" device was added and the Multi-Color 256 for 2x or 4x launchpad configs. Never had a launchpad so yeah not interested in the time it would take to write a native driver. Oh yeah and the 8x8 grid thing is burned into 7up since it's first release, I have refactored in places as a precursor to an adaptable size grid, but it's a major to change at this point, see comment about 3.0. And Adam has a point on this as well. Without the 7's concept it's no longer 7up. ;)

  • Good points all around!

    (I remember seeing "multicolor device" in there and thinking that meant "Octinct". I guess "which false conclusion I ignorantly jump to" is a relic of its era...)

    Anyway... Your reply is probably reason to dig my launchpad out of storage. =)

  • Thanks for all the feedback..

    I'm not a developer or particularly bright but would be tempted to try my hand at working on some M4L components if only to help me understand MAX better.

    Anything that might be within the grasp of a M4L noob and still be useful?

  • Well your post was a good way to start the conversation wider. If you are just starting with MAX, I'd play around for a bit and get your skills up.

    That said, remember that you can definitely go in and checkout the 7up components, see the messages that are being sent and maybe tweak or create something new. Or just create new components to plug into the device chain.