rotate, but for arc?

  • Anyone know how to rotate arc orientation? (so LED 0 is aiming towards the USB cable, so the Arc is in 'portrait' view).

  • Okay, you're asking about cable orientation. I suppose that's different.

    Still, once you get in the mindset of using that, "0" being any one direction is an outdated notion.

  • i believe this is a future feature for serialosc, though the exact implementation isn't fully worked out.

    the idea is that 0 would always face up, and indexing encoders would either happen left to right or top to bottom, whichever is relevant.

  • Yeah I could handle it in the code but it would be easier to just send a message for it.

    And it's mainly for stuff that has an absolute position (like in my chocolate grinder, there's a 'start' to the loop, even though it all wraps around. having that be where i expect it to be would be nice).

    Exactly what you described tehn.

  • i'll be sure this is in the serialosc todo list.

  • I just posted a question regarding this here:

    any feedback will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you,

  • Is this currently not possible with the latest serialosc? I seem to always get same index data regardless of switching serialosc's orientation to 90 180 or 270.