FT: Livid block/KM184D+€ to monome 128/256 EUROPE

  • I would like to trade my 1 month old Livid block. It's in perfect condition, I just don't need faders and knobs, but more pads :D
    In trade I'm especially interested in walnut version of 128 or 256. And maybe about arc 2.

    I'm living in Finland and I prefer deals inside europe. I can send pictures about block by mail.

    Contact me: mikko.kolehmainen @ gmail.com

  • I have great digital microphone: Neumann KM184D for trade as well!
    It's in great condition, comes with wooden box, shockmount, aes/ebu-adater and s/pdif-adapter. I can also sell this directly if I will get interesting offer.

  • I'm also interested to get arc2/4 or jazzmutant lemur/ipad in trade.