[Looking For] DIY Amplifier enclosure CNC plays

  • Has anyone on here made your own amps with a CNC? Looking for some files to save me some time

  • if your into DIY effects & amps, try the forum at [[http://www.musikding.de|musikding.de]].

    it's a german site dedicated to DIY Guitar effects and tube-amp. but they have an english sub-forum.

    also search for 'mad amp' in the german part of the forum to see some enclosures.

  • you could have a browse on the mutable instruments site. i think there are enclosures there that you could easily modify to your needs with inkscape.

  • http://www.beavisaudio.com/

    check this nut case out too.

  • Got it sorted... yay

    Going to be building this amp http://www.audiosector.com/lm4780.shtml
    and putting it into a 2 x 12 guitar cab that I'm grabbing off of craigslist...

    Throwing the beagleboard in there as well, and I'll have myself a gig ready headless monome setup HOORAH!

  • omg! I think i have a new obsession.

    i think i will be joining you with this build!

  • looks like a sweet project! diy4life!

  • looks like a sweet project!

  • @grooveshysta

    if you are interested in joining me in the build for reals let me know because I'll have an image for you to run on the beagle :D

  • I meant the amp!

    We can share amp building experience though!

  • Peter, I just checked out that link you posted. That guy is mad man. Much respect to him haha.

  • AHHHH the amp... yeah it should be an awesome amp :D I've been hearing great things

  • did you check out some of the videos Dean?

  • http://bottlehead.com/ has some schweet tube amp kits. (and therefore parts lists)