Thoughts on live workflow with external gear/Alternatives to Kapture?

  • hey guys,

    im working out how to use my external gear live and was wondering if you knew of any patches/softwaere that could control everything like tempo, levels, device settings and program changes to my nord modular and machine drum via a button (similar to liine's Kapture).

    After mixdown on individual tracks, doing this live with my hardware seems tedious.

    Other ideas on live workflow with external gear. would be appreciated

  • Check the user manuals; do these devices expose the controls you need over MIDI? If so, one could conceivably build a max patch to store and control presets, or an arduino based foot pedal to do the same.

    I can send you an ugly proof-of-concept max patch that sets a bunch of CCs in my own gear right now. That may or may not be anything like your own needs, but it's a place to start.

  • its more ableton i need to control for example, a max patch that would allow me to launch a scene and all track levels would be adjusted accordingly.

    feel free to send this way though man! ill PM my mail.


  • i'm in the same boat w/ you @dean.

    i've been using kapture for a bit now, and i have to say all of my live sets that run katpure inside it tend to be sloooow.

  • bad times indeed man :( im on a proper hunt for info!

  • If you've got an iPad try kapture pad, it's significantly faster than the m4l version, however if you only need volumes on scene launch then that's not particularly complicated in m4l.

  • @st8 - cheers for your input, I'd looked into it, I'd just rather not use my iPad live :( it's basically the functionality of kapture pad that can be controlled via other means that I'm looking for.

  • I've just learnt I can buy a max 6 licence for a year for quite cheap.. I think this is a good opportunity to take it to the next level and learn max.

  • If you've got time to explore an incredibly deep rabbit hole, max is a good one to get lost in.

  • I love immersing myself in the nord modular environment so max only naturally seems like the next step! Cheers for all your emails and help Aaron! Much appreciated

  • i have bought and tried to use Kapturepad but it just doesn't work properly with plugins, not everrything is kaptured and randomly erratic on top which makes it useless for me ... Liine support doesn't even answer support emails on this issue (thy do on the Lemur so i guess their silence on the Kapturepad is not a coincidence)

  • Plugin wise I only use two - a nice compressor and EQ, and that's only used sparingly were needed - I have a goal and I've promised my self ill reach it.

    To make a free stable and publicly available snapshot/preset recall patch which can be controlled via your chosen device.

    watch this space :D!

  • @discopimp can i have some more details? It should capture all parameters that live can see, if you're using a plugin you need to map the parameters through to live with the map button.

  • Funny enough on looking at kapture it saves th settins with my compressor (the glue).

    St8 - you work with liine right?

  • yes, i wrote the python for kapture pad, so i can help out :)