AKAI SG01V- faulty

  • BOOOOO.....this unit I had has stopped working, no power goes to it and it doesn't switch on. If any circuit bendy people on here can make use of it, then for a small donation of your choosing and paying postage then it is yours? Can't be bothered to E-Bay it as faulty/spares etc. This forum continues to be an inspiration so thought I would offer it here first. Link to details below:


  • Where are you located mate?

  • Originally London, now Brisbane, Australia.....

  • ahh, i was gonna say if you were in uk, i could have tried to fix it for you then sent it back.

  • Dean, your a legend! Wouldn't know where to start, so any pointers would be a great help. Don't really want to get rid of it, just to get it working! Google has not been my friend so far.....

  • got a multi meter? honestly i fix half of my stuff by stabbing that bad boy around the place and finding a bust component. Have you went basic and tried another power supply? or is it built in power supply?

  • Nope and yes tried different power supply. Same one always used and another one. From Maplin, ones with different attachments? No problem before with it?

  • Sorry, power adaptor 10v DC, set it to 9v and it has always worked mate.

  • does the unit require 9v yeah? Ive seen people using higher voltage for devices and itll work flawlessly for a long time then it will die suddenly, then they'll change the supply to the correct one and it'll work fine.

  • Tried it at 12v, no power to unit at all.

  • ohh dont do that O_O dont give it too much power. You'll fry it!?

  • Don't worry Dean, it was knackered before that. No power and all. Now, how would I test with a multi meter? P.s.shall we continue via e-mail as this feels non monome specific? ;-)

  • i couldnt give you much information more than to check the power lines on the pcb leading to the power source. Google 'using a multimeter to test for faults' im at work you see :P

  • Have to get my hands on a multimeter first. Googled it and still not clear about where I would need to prod and poke within the unit. This stuff ain't my forte!

  • im in no way a pro :P

    check this: http://www.ladyada.net/library/metertut/continuity.html
    if your lost ive PM'ed my email.

  • Cheers Dean,

    Gonna try and get a multimeter. Thanks for ya help so far. At least my 128 is ok? ;-)

  • no joy mate

    bump to anyone who wishes this or it is on e bay