arc device ID?

  • hey folks,

    just a quick question.

    wondering if an arc owner could tell me the device ID that comes up in serialosc when they look at their arc. i'm building a sub-patch that adds functionality to a main patch (ie. uses a second physical device) which has functions for either arc or grid.

    i want to auto-detect what kind of device is attached and id seemed the only option. perhaps the /sys/size param could be helpful here as it would tell device type and dimensions?

    perhaps someone could simply add a 'print' object to the 1st outlet of serialosc; select the device; screenshot the max window?

    any and all much appreciated.

  • hi galapagoose,

    here's a screen shot of the max window with an arc 4 connected, hope it helps.

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  • Hey! I'm m0000637. We're practically family!

  • galapagoose... if you are using serialosc... you can use bonjour to make a list of devices and then /sys/info i to get the info for that device sent to a specific port.

  • another sample:


    excited to see what you are working on, man.

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  • i don't think the device id will give info on what kind of device it is, but you probably can then use /sys/info for that.

  • here's the output with /sys/info, doesn't look very helpful in distinguishing arcs from grids:


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  • thanks all.

    i'd just written a crazy long response only to realise that what i should really be looking at is the device NAME not the ID. perhaps this is what alphanerd was getting at??

    unfortunately the device name is not returned with /sys/info (or on confirmation of connection, which is a kind of auto /info). instead i need to parse the names that show up in the dropdown list to determine the device type.

    could you lovely helpful people screenshot you're dropdown menus (best to cick the menu to hold it open so you can see the full name)???

    is there a way i can take the /sys/port or similar and query bonjour what the name of the device attached to that port is? is there an easier way to do what i'm trying to do??

  • @galapagoose

    here you go, happy patching.


    nice. well spotted.

    have you seen the list of serial numbers and users in the docs pages?

    i was going to say we might find 635 and 638 in there if the owners have added them but no.

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  • @galapagoose

    you can use bonjour to resolve the name of the device... and figure out if it is a grid or an arc using that. Open up the serialosc subpatcher and take a peak... you could very easily have the output of the umenu dump into the right inlet of a message box... and then have the connect button bang that message out a new outlet.

    Here's an example of the modded serialosc.maxpat

    edit: there is now a fourth outlet that bangs out the name of the device when you hit connect... so you can figure out if it is a grid or arc from that

  • hey all--

    this is a very good point. i'll add this as an OSC message.

  • @2D10

    wow, I'd never noticed that page, that's pretty rad. I'm gonna add myself.

  • @tehn: that would be amazing.

  • yep, will be pretty straightforward to add a "friendly name" to /sys/info