SOLVED _pages - suddenly takes ages to open

  • hi folks.

    i have a strange thing here going on. looks like java is messed up somehow.

    haven´t used pages for a while. as i just wanted to open it, i thought it won´t open. but then it did open. just takes 1 -2 minutes. usually i took just a second or two.

    that´s what i did so far.

    reinstalled the mmj.jar f& libmmj.jnilib files.
    installed java 1.5. and put it on the top of my java preferences list.
    resarted my mbp.

    with java 1.5. it pages won´t open at all.
    with java 1.6. it will open, but it´s incredible long time.

    any ideas why?

    thanks in advance.

    mbp 2,7 GHz i7, osx 10.6.8., pages 0.2.2a28 , gs64, java 1.6

  • hello monoaural, please delete the file in the pages folder and it should be fine after that. i switched hosting providers and the ip referenced in that file is no longer mine (or active at all it seems). i will put up an updated release now with this fixed as well.

    edit: uploaded a new a33 with this fixed.

  • hello phortran.

    yep. that´s it.

    deleted file in oages folder. everything is back to normal now :-)
    pages a33 running like a charm..

    thank you so much for your fast help.

    can´t thank you enough for this switzerland-knife-app.

    if there would be an _app award, you would be defenitely nominated for the golden monome.