hey all!

  • i know it's not monome related (AT THE MOMENT!!!) but i have a new video demo thing out. i was inspired by edison's iniciative to go out into the street and play for random people that normally wouldn't come to a show and see what happened. this might turn into a bit of a habit for me, so please let me know what you think and how it can get better. thanks guys!


  • That's awesome! You should find an outlet or something so you can hook it up to some speakers, that way everyone can hear!

    Although, there's something kind of interesting about the fact that only one other person can hear it, maybe it piques the curiosity of everyone else, making the want to know WHAT IS HE LISTENING TO?

  • Nice!

    I wish people still carried around fm radio walkmans like they used to when i was a wee little lad. Then fm transmitters would reign supreme.

  • dude...
    that was fucking beautiful
    loved it!!!!!
    great work... great video... great song...!
    keep up the good work man...
    so talented...

  • i really like the whole "concert for one" thing i've seen on these boards from time to time. but this is extra interesting, since it shows off the whole "get several random people off the street" thing. i like the vibe -- excellent feel-good tunes!

  • brilliant stuff. already waitin' for more.......

    just thought it would be great to add a very simple live sampling/sequencing option to your setup so you'd be able to catch short voice slices or ambience noises so that the whole environment (cars, kids, bells, trains, dogs or whatever) could possibly also become part of the live composition.

    go genkotize 'em

  • Very awesome! Makes me think a neat summer project would be to get a brace of monomers out busking, portable speakers in the park style, film the whole thing, etc...

  • funny, i met @thealphanerd after a 2 hour monome busk-fest at the college st. subway station during my first visit to Toronto. I'd be up for doing that again.


    p.s. toronto requires a permit for busking. fyi. almost spent my first night in TO in the tank.

  • yeah, permits are key ;]

    what sort of gear were you guys running, battery powered or plugged in?

    My ongoing search is for a 'bubba keg' sized battery powered speaker i can lug around...

  • Awesome video genko! So fun. I loved that you got that silver guy involved.

  • @lokey. it was completely battery/bus powered. all peripherals, including my 'god the outs are so unbalanced' duet which I plugged into a Bose SoundDock:


    sounds great at moderate a volume. in fact, it sounds spectacular. and i've gotten over 6 hours out of the thing unplugged. But i would really like something bubba keg sized myself that can get loud enough to drive a 100 person shindig at the beach or something.

    @lokey: i'd be interested in what portable speaker solutions you come across.

  • hey, yeah, my dads got one of those speakers! Nice sound.

    Ive been eying up sony's new SA-NS500 Portable speaker, if only for the awesome aesthetics ;] but its getting panned in all the reviews ive read ;|

    the libratone stuff looks neat...


    or a diy approach

    but for the price, im almost tempted to just buy a bunch of little ones like this and chain them up y]


  • awesome man.
    I love silver dudes! It's like every city has one!