Issues with APC40 & MLRV2 (most recent version)

  • Peace All.

    Just got into the app.
    Mac os10.5.8
    max/map runtime (6 also most recent version)

    - The delay "feedback" button does not work at all.
    - In the midi map "list" of controls, the delete function does not work, so if I want to remove a mapping, I can't, then if I try to map the controller to a different function, in the "list" the controller info is jumbled up (like text overlapping)
    - also, can't seem to find a way to map the delay feedback to a knob either.

    Those are the bugs that I've noticed that are major, (for now), anyone experiencing this?

    Also, should I be launching from max/map runtime 5, instead of 6? Might that be why I'm getting these bugs?

    Inquiring minds would like to know. :)

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