SerialOSC: cable orientation & clear leds - how to do it ?

  • hello,

    just switched to lion & serialosc and noticed that two things i had been using all the time in monomeserial have disappeared:

    selecting cable orientation (and i would prefer to have it the old way: l/r/t/b not in degrees of rotation)

    clearing leds (stuck leds from crashed or quit apps etc)

    sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere but i haven't found a quick and easy explanation for this and no info here

  • It's here

    /grid/led/all s
    /sys/rotation i

  • euhm ... from where and how do i send these messages ?

  • Look to where /grid/led/set messages are already being sent in your app, and connect them the same way.

    hint: those messages are eventually sent to the top-left inlet of the SerialOSC bPatcher object, either directly or through a send/receive pair

  • i think you misunderstand, i'm not an app developper, just a musician :) these are both things that were present in monomeserial and i can't figure out how to do this easily now that i'm on serialosc

  • Ah.

    I can help with one of those. Check this thread for serialosc_lightsout:

    As for the rotation, you just need an app that sets it once, and serialOSC will maintain that orientation. I don't know which apps do this offhand. I suspect "pages" does? Someone must have written a run-once utility. Search around. If you can't find anything, I'll throw one together for you after work.

  • that would be very useful mate...

  • hey cool, thx for the lights out thing, found the rotate app from tehn but it doesn't show the actual state of rotation when you fire it up again

    as an 'end user' of the monome i find it a bit strange that these functions which both used to be in monomeserial have just vanished and now need to be handled by two different patches

    also strange that the rotation starts from the wrong position, it seemed strange to me so i've checked and nearly all the photos and videos on the site show the monome with the cable 'up' ... so why is 'left' now the default state ???