basic mlr to ableton sync question + bonus

  • mlr 2.51
    live 8

    i can't quite figure out how to get ableton synced to whatever tempo mlr's on. i've figured out how to get the "ext" control option to pop up under the top left corner of the screen, but that's only under the mpd. i've gotten it to play through rewire. i've set the clock in mlr to Rewire but it it resets itself back to my default sound driver whenever i hit refresh. : /

    bonus question: once i get mlr synced, how can i also get my mpd synced up and (loosely) quantized to the tempo?

  • ive had luck syncing the pink aes edit mlr to abletons clock on mac (never worked for me on windows) its pretty damn good but sometimes the tempo in mlr will go all berserk for a hot sec.

    syncing the other way around (live to mlr/max) never worked too good for me and was much more unstable.

    not too familiar w/ 2.51 so i'm not sure how it differs

    but attached is my settings for both. ignore the track in setting for live (thats for apps like polygome that send midi notes out)

    i imagine u could sync the mpd to live in a similar fashion.

  • hmmm, i wonder if i'd be able to get max to show up as a midi port through midi yoke

  • yea im pretty sure thats how u do it if your on windows. midi yoke.

    best of luckk. i spent years trying to get mlr to sync to my pc, then when it was finally time to upgrade computers, i got a macbook instead, the sync worked in like 2 seconds. i was astonished.\

    another option is max4live. sync works very good, obv since its contained within live itself.

  • yup, midi yoke did the trick! although tempo is sometimes a couple bpm off whenever i change it up, it still makes for an clean beat repeat toggle on ableton.

    and the mpd question i guess i'll have to figure that out on the ableton forum.