[split cassette] % + galapagoose

  • "the fourth /parallelogram/ release, ~003, emerges as a split tape between % (asheville, north carolina) and galapagoose (melbourne, australia). begins with %'s five-part opus "unfolding" on side A, and concludes with galapagoose's freeform beat-tape "nuance" on side B. limited edition series of 250 professionally-dubbed chrome cassettes."


    please enjoy.

  • Link on the top of the page for 003 goes to 002... other than that looks uber dope :D

  • this was hinted on your tumblr
    been waiting

    needless to say
    this is good news

  • just bought
    cant wait

  • bought.

  • Beautiful music as always gents.

  • extraordinary. get this!

  • thank you all for your support, kind words, hat tips. here are some digital excerpts:


    cassettes are still available here:


  • Hell yeah! Bought one as soon as I read this! Amazing work guys I will support you from now till the end of time. You don't know what I would do to see any of you play live. I hope to see you guys play live sometime soon down here in Miami.

  • bump bump bump.

  • is there a copy left? i'd be interested =)
    @% @galapagoose

  • check pm's @birdy

  • oi! u can buy a freshy still! have a search on amazon if there's any left, else i can mail you one from my (large) stash.

  • ha @galapagoose! gli was faster..
    i'll trade with him.. he'll get one mine and i'll get yours from him.. lol ; (
    but thanks! you guys should make some tapes again! : )
    if you have other releases on tape (let me know!) i'd also be open to get one of them or for a trade ^^ in case you're interested in one of mine...