new i am genko video in a park

  • so! february was a busy busy month for me. i started this video series playing music in the street with whatever controller i could get one of my friends to loan me for the day. in a way to do something other than work, but mostly to get my fingers back in shape for the madness that is to come.

    i teamed up with a girl called mirella and hit the streets... this is our second child. once again, mad props to edison who i borrowed this idea from.

    there's talks of a u.s. tour in june, so i hope i get to meet more of you, but one shouldn't jinx these things, as they have a habit of turning into pipe dreams.


  • escuchame: i am definitely listening. beautiful sounds and visuals, man. very nicely done.

  • Audio Visual Dopeness!!!

  • love what youre doing genko...
    sigh, if only belfast was dry enough to safely busk with a laptop....

  • wrap it up in plastic? maybe check and see what folks do when they go out to the desert or something. maybe some of those techniques would work for wetter climes.

    i'd love to do some street music. i love the idea of bringing beautiful music right to random people. keep it up, genko!

  • That was amazing.

    I am stealing your idea this summer... sorry brah

  • and where do you live? because that city looks gorgeous. anyways, loved the video, and loved the music!

  • @ +

    let's trade for a week, it's too hot here... i'm a fan of cold weather, hahahaha.


    i think girl talk used to wrap his laptop in plastic for shows for then it got crazy and beer started to rain... i've never tried it though...

    @ alpha

    hell yeah!!! can't wait to see those myles!!!!


    i live in lima, peru. thanks!

  • great work!
    i really like the idea...have to try this, sorry for stealing ;)

  • beautiful!!

  • @poorpot

    steal it! i kinda stole it myself from beats on the street with edison. i think it's a cool way of getting to know town and to take the concert out of the venue into a more public space, but at the same time making it more private.


    thanks! w00t.

  • i like this a lot! well done.

    public performance with headphones instead of amplifiers is great! i love the visual spectacle of people coming up and plugging in while others pass by and watch.

    i need to hit the streets with a camera.

  • @away message

    hitting the streets with a camera is great! just make sure you have some friends that are gonna have your back if le shit goes down... hahaha

  • Wonderful idea, plus the video is very pleasing to watch.
    Nice job!

  • +1

    you are my hero genko!

  • Wow that s just lovely. It makes we want to call out of work tomorrow just to go nap in the park.

  • nice!!!...i ll try it here in Athens/Greece someday.

  • very, very nice. everything in the vid looks and sounds so natural and authentic. could be aswell an advertise for ice cream or tourism or headphones or.....

    just enjoying life.

    thank you for sharing this.

    pure vida mae!

  • wow! thanks to all again!

  • lovely but i'd definitely get robbed if i did this in Bolton ;-)