serialosc won't connect in my new patch?

  • am i missing something here? pop serialosc.maxpat into my app folder, create a new bpatcher, set arguments for patcher file =serialosc.maxpat located in my app folder, prerfix = appname.

    serialosc won't connect to my app. yet works fine in any other app.

    is there some setting i'm forgetting?

  • nevermind, it seems to be working now. through no action or inaction on my part. temperamental little patch eh.

  • i think i have had this issue before....

    not really sure where to get my serialosc.maxpat file from...

    is it fine to copy paste from another patch?

    kind of odd though because when I try to use my patch the prefix for the added grid support is now /grainstorm when it should be arccc-64...

  • yeah it's kind of strange. i noticed one serialosc.maxpat from one app was 17kb while another was 23kb too...

  • I wonder if people have just been copy pasting from the original version wherever it started at.....for each new patch made. Not so obvious to me ...

  • i would think so. just like the banana, serialosc.maxpats the world over are clones of the original banana.pat.

    or something.

  • There are three or four serialosc.maxpat's in circulation. Most of them are from an early demo patch, but the "standard" is really the version found here:

    (the early one didn't have that "M" button)

    I've built a hack of that verison that I keep in my "shared max patches" folder, and just rename serialosc.maxpat in new downloads to make way for mine to take over. That's hiding in this thread:

  • thanks GTZ as always you the man..