FS: 128 greyscale (new york)

  • 128 greyscale, original packaging, very little use, hope it finds a loving home that will be able to pay it more attention. i bought it new here at monome.org. happy to meet up locally and sell for cash. its also listed in e b a y...


    1200 x 896 - 350K
  • $750 + shipping to Belgium, Europe (should be $100 if I'm not mistaken)

    make my day, please :)

    get back to me at frederic [dot] baert [at] gmail [dot] com

  • @ frederic - Looking at the ebay listing it seems this one sold.
    It would be nice if the sold items in the trade section were actually edited by the seller to reflect they were sold, to save confusion. Granted, some posters do edit or close the threads with a SOLD status, but there are a lot of 'open' FS threads with no indication of the status of the FS item. Are they still on offer? Kidnapped by aliens? I can understand now how desirable these items are, so I suppose it can usually be assumed that they sell reasonably quickly, but when I first joined this community I left quite a few questions like yours on similar 'open' for sale threads. I have been lucky to pick up a walnut64 from one of the other members here (hoping it will come in todays international post deliveries) but before then I was getting quite frustrated trying to work out what was actually still for sale or not...

  • @artpunk it is actually me who won the bidding :) so hopefully I can start playing with my monome shortly! (so excited)

  • Congratulations! :-)