how much is too much bus power?

  • what is the limit to the amount of bus power that can come from the usb ports, on a 2011 13" mac specifically. hypothetically i'm looking to power a:

    bus powered 256
    gs 64 and mpd32 on a usb hub

    would it be wiser to purchase an ac-powered usb hub, or would a regular hub suffice?

  • get a powered hub to be on the safe side. i have one of these that does the trick.

  • each usb port on your computer can supply upto 500mA, i would have thought the 256 was pretty close to that though, so make sure its on a separate port to the other two devices.

  • "always use powered hubs with monome devices, and generally all usb devices except for mice and keyboards (and a few others)."

  • Any idea how much current the devices actually pull? Tehn?

  • "how much is too much bus power?"

    3 monomes (64/128/256) and an arc 4 on a powered usb hub works fine.

    3 monomes (64/128/256) and an arc 4 on a non powered hub is a disaster.

  • i might just have to pick one up tonight.

    i'm currently using a 256, nanokontrol, and an mpd18 within the 3 provided slots on my pc. this could affect the longevity of the laptop, couldn't it?

  • @ 'tini - We've got some of those same D-link hubs at work, hooked up to Macs. Every now and then they just stop working and we have to reboot them and play around with the connections to get them up and running again. Doesn't happen with the Belkin hubs we use so it must be specific to the D-link ones.

    @No Sir E
    It shouldn't effect the longevity of the laptop if you're talking about useful lifespan... Unless it's running hot when your controllers are plugged in? Thermal issues can kill your processor and/or motherboard.

  • get powered.

    in general hubs are poorly designed, and the unpowered ones are the absolute worst.