declutter @ St Georges Market Belfast

  • 24th March, 10-2. For the one other monomer in Belfast (you know who you are). Anyone else is welcome to come down/up/across/over and see if I can stretch a set to 4 hours.

  • Anyone who'd like to knock me up a quick logo/design with my name (declutter) and my facebook page ( that I could get printed onto one of these... the next couple of days, you're very welcome!! Think of all the PR that you'd get with a credit on my display stand :)

  • aww man! :( gutted.

    what sort of set will you be doing?

  • A long one! MLR mash-up. Assuming everything works.

  • I'll be there!!

  • I look forward to seeing you, +! It's our minimonomeet!

  • Well there goes that; I'm gona have to be at a series of talks at the sonorities festival ( all sat morning which means Im not gona be able to come down and see you do your thang... poop
    I know monomist Pedro Oliviera is doing some 'Performance for One' shows as part of the festival.. some good stuff mostly free going down as part of it.

    Hope it goes well dude and be sure to lemmie know when your next show is

  • No worries man. I met some guy who knew you. Next show @St George's is 13th May.